Flushing Freedom Mile

Despite its current status as a solid working-class neighborhood at the terminus of the 7 train, Flushing, Queens has a long and storied history. To accentuate its past, the city has placed a number of colorful signs demarcating the "Flushing Freedom Mile," a pair of walking tours through a number of historic sites within a one-mile radius of downtown Flushing. The following descriptive commentary comes from signs along the trails.

St. George's Church
RKO Keith's Theatre
Lewis Latimer House
World War I Memorial
Flushing Town Hall
Bowne House
Kingsland Homestead
Weeping Beech Park
Margaret Carman Green
George Fox Stone
Flushing High School
Flushing State Armory
Friends Meeting House
Macedonia A.M.E. Church
Other Scenes from Downtown Flushing

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