The Louis Armstrong Discography: Releases

The Louis Armstrong Discography: Releases

Louis Armstrong's vast recorded legacy was well represented during the LP and CD eras. As a musician whose ouvre was almost universally considered to be artistically important, many of the rereleases were remastered at high levels of quality and documented with meticulously researched liner notes.

However, as a primarily "singles" artist who recorded for numerous labels and had multiple, distinct periods of great popularity, the number and variety of available collections is huge and growing. And the supplanting of physical collection by downloads and streaming makes the issue hopelessly complex.

As such, any attempt to create and maintain a complete listing of past, present and future "albums" would be an almost impossible task that is best left to commercial distributors like Therefore, this is only a limited subset of the vast list of Armstrong collections, many of which are no longer commercially available.

You should investigate before expending any significant amount of money on an unfamiliar collection. The sonic and chronological coherence of different collections can vary widely and the buyer should beware.

Milestone MCD-47017-2: Louis Armstrong and King Oliver [CD]

Louis Armstrong's first recordings. The first 18 tracks are with Armstrong playing second cornet in King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band in 1923. The remaining 7 tracks are 1924 recordings of the Red Onion Jazz Babies, a predecessor group to the Hot Five that Armstrong recorded with after moving to New York and joining Fletcher Henderson's band. The Red Onion Jazz Babies included Sidney Bechet and wife Lil Armstrong and backed Alberta Hunter (recording under the pseudonym Josephine Beatty). The sound quality is about as good as could be expected from mechanical recordings, which is to say, they require a bit of getting used to.

However, hearing these recordings is vital to understanding how groundbreaking the later Hot Five/Seven recordings were. While the Oliver band had a stiff, almost formal sound, the Hot Five/Seven had a much more earthy, swinging quality. The Oliver band performed primarily as an ensemble (usually with only short solo breaks) while the Hot Five/Seven recordings are largely vehicles for extended solos by Armstrong and his bandmates. The Hot Five/Seven were also helped by being largely recorded with new electronic techniques that offered much better fidelity and dynamic range.

Columbia CJ44441: Bessie Smith - The Collection [CD]

A single CD collection that includes four of the nine sides that Armstrong with the "Empress of the Blues."

Sony Bessie Smith 2: Bessie Smith - Complete Recordings, Vol. 2 (1924-1925) [CD]

A two-CD set that includes all nine sides that Armstrong recorded in three sessions with the "Empress of the Blues."

Media 7 MJCD-4: Louis Armstrong Complete Edition, Volume 4 (1924 - 1925) [CD]

Media 7 was a French company and the "Masters of Jazz" series (directed by Christian Bonnet) was a comprehensive collection of the work of a number of early jazz artists. Sound quality varies from track to track, although given the age and rarity of these recordings as well as the primitive recording techniques, many are surprisingly good.

Media 7 MJCD-8: Louis Armstrong Complete Edition, Volume 8 (1925 - Feb. 1926) [CD]

Media 7 was a French company and the "Masters of Jazz" series (directed by Christian Bonnet) was a comprehensive collection of the work of a number of early jazz artists. Sound quality varies from track to track, although given the age and rarity of these recordings as well as the primitive recording techniques, many are surprisingly good.

JSP CD 312: Louis Armstrong Hot Fives and Sevens, Volume 1 [CD]

This is the first of four CDs (available as a box set) of the complete Hot Fives/Sevens remastered in England by the late, great engineer John R.T. Davies. Commonly regarded as the best sounding collection of the Hot Fives/Sevens. While there is more surface noise than the analogous collection from Sony/Columbia, they seem to have more "life" since Sony's Cedar noise reduction software also removes some of the harmonic distortion that give it life. Personally, I find the additional artifacts add to the nostalgic quality and make the recordings seem more real.

JSP CD 313: Louis Armstrong Hot Fives and Sevens, Volume 2 []

JSP CD 314: Louis Armstrong Hot Fives and Sevens, Volume 3 []

JSP CD 315: Louis Armstrong Hot Fives and Sevens, Volume 4 []

On the liner notes, BLACK AND BLUE, THAT RHYTHM MAN and SWEET SAVANNAH SUE are listed as recorded on 7/19/1929 and the two "Some of These Days" recordings on 9/10/1929, in a discrepancy from the session data compiled by Scott Johnson

CBS 82850: Complete Hot Fives and Hot Sevens []

The "official" collection from CBS/Sony, who purchased Columbia Records in 1988, who purchased OKeh records on November 11, 1926. Also includes sides recorded during this period where Armstrong (and other Hot Five personnel) anonymously accompanied a number of different blues singers. The emphasis by the Sony engineers was clearly on noise reduction, which arguably makes this set lifeless and inferior to the John R.T. Davies remastering on the JSP set.

Columbia CK44049: The Hot Fives -- Vol. 1 []

Columbia CK44253: The Hot Fives & Hot Sevens -- Vol. 2 []

Columbia CK44422: The Hot Fives & Hot Sevens -- Vol. 3 []

Columbia CK45142: Louis Armstrong And Earl Hines -- Vol. 4 []

Columbia CK46148: Louis In New York, Vol. 5 []

Columbia CK46996: St. Louis Blues, Vol. 6 []

Columbia CK48828: You're Driving Me Crazy Vol. 7 []

CBS/Portrait 44093: Stardust []

Orchestra recordings from 1930 - 1932 that conclude Armstrong's contract with OKeh.

Bluebird 9759-2-RB: Laughin' Louis (1932 - 1933) (aka Laughin' Louie) []

Modest collection of Armstrong's 1932 - 1933 recordings during his brief but productive contract with Victor Records.

RCA 09026-68682: The Complete RCA Victor Recordings []

Comprehensive four-CD collection of Armstrong's recordings during his two periods under contract to Victor / RCA Victor: 1932/33 and 1946/47. Also includes Armstrong's single 1930 collaboration with the father of country music, Jimmie Rodgers, a pair of songs recorded by the 1946 Esquire (magazine) All-American Award Winners, and a pair of songs recorded in 1957 for an NBC-TV special.

ASV 5094: Louis and Luis []

Compilation of recordings Armstrong made between 1929 and 1941 with pianist and bandleader Luis Russell . Born August 6, 1902 on Careening Cay, an island in the archipelago of Bocas del Toro off the northwestern coast of Panama, Luis Carl Russell came to New Orleans in 1919. After studying piano with Steve Lewis and working with a band led by Albert Nicholas , Russell relocated to Chicago in 1924. In addition to regular work in bands led by King Oliver and Doc Cooke , Russell took the first steps towards assembling his own group and began making records as a leader in 1926. The following year Russell moved to New York, where he led an excellent big band featuring trumpeter Henry 'Red' Allen , trombonist J.C. Higginbotham , clarinetist Albert Nicholas, alto saxophonist Charlie Holmes and string bassist Pops Foster. Armstrong assumed nominal leadership of Russel's band from 1929-1930 and they reunited sporadically from 1935 - 1943. (All Music Guide) [date for Sleepy Time Down South?]

Ambassador CLA 1901: Louis Armstrong Vol. 1 -- 1935 []

Classics 585: Chronological Armstrong and His Hot Five and Hot Seven 1926-1927 []

Classics 547: Chronological Armstrong 1930-1931 []

Classics 512: Chronological Armstrong 1936-1937 []

Ambassador CLA 1902: Louis Armstrong Vol. 2 -- 1936 []

Ambassador CLA 1903: Louis Armstrong Vol. 3 -- 1936-37 []

Ambassador CLA 1904: Louis Armstrong Vol. 4 -- 1938 []

Ambassador CLA 1905: Louis Armstrong Vol. 5 -- 1938-39 []

Ambassador CLA 1906: Louis Armstrong Vol. 6 -- 1939-40 []

Ambassador CLA 1907: Louis Armstrong Vol. 7 -- 1940-41 []

Ambassador CLA 1908: Louis Armstrong Vol. 8 -- 1941-42 []

Definitive 11171: The Complete Decca Studio Master Takes 1935-1939 []

MSI Music 359799: The Complete Decca Studio Master Takes 1940-1949 []

Decca GRD-602: Rhythm Saved The World []

A collection of recordings for Decca in 1935 and 1936.

Decca GRD-620: Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra, Vol. 2 (1936-1938): Heart Full of Rhythm []

A non-comprehensive collection of studio recordings from 1936-1938.

Decca GRD-649: Pocketful Of Dreams, Vol. 3 []

A set of recordings from 1938 with a the two "Bran' New Suit" tracks from 1935.

Collector's Choice 4510: V-Discs: Louis Armstrong []

Collection of the V-Disks recorded exclusively for the entertainment of U.S. Armed Forces during and immediately after World War II.

Storyville 5011007: Louis Armstrong: Jubilee Shows No. 21 & 22 []

Live radio broadcast of "Jubilee" radio show made in 1943 specifically to entertain the U.S. military during World War II. Show featured Armstrong along with Henry "Red" Allen's sextet, Jack Benny, Eddie "Rochester" Anderson.

Storyville 5011008: Louis Armstrong: Jubilee Shows No. 26 & 32 []

Live radio broadcast of "Jubilee" radio show made in 1943 specifically to entertain the U.S. military during World War II. Show featured Armstrong and his big band along with the Red Callender Trio. Second show on the disk features the Count Basie band.

RCA 6378-2-RB: Pops: The 1940's Small Band Sides []

A collection of live and studio recordings with the All-Stars for RCA Victor from 1946-1947.

Giants of Jazz 1025: New Orleans: The Soundtrack []

Soundtrack to the 1947 film featuring Armstrong and Billie Holiday. CD has been released on a number of labels.

Ambassador CLA 1919: Carnegie Hall Concert 1947 []

The concert that opened an new era for Louis in his postwar career. The second half was his usual big-band line-up, but the first half boasted a slim 6-piece aggregation that harkened the demise of the Orchestra and the emergence of the All-Stars. Sound quality of the recording is fairly poor.

RCA France 66541-2: Louis Armstrong At Town Hall []

Recording of May 17, 1947 concert at New York's Town Hall that reestablished Armstrong for the rest of his life. The sound quality of the recording is poor.

Definitive 11291: Complete New York Town Hall & Boston Symphony Hall Concerts []

Recordings of concerts on May 17, 1947 New York Town Hall and November 30, 1947 at Boston Symphony Hall. CD is filled out with a New York's Winter Garden Theater radio broadcast with the Armstrong's All Stars coinciding with the Big Apple premiere of the film New Orleans, three highlights from a Carnegie Hall appearance organized by Leonard Feather for generate publicity for New Orleans movie, with guest star Billie Holiday, two V-Discs recorded with an atypical All Stars including the accordionist Roy Ross, and the delightful central musical number of the Howard Hawks' legendary film A Star Is Born featuring Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, Lionel Hampton, Mel Powell, Louie Bellson, the Golden Gate Quartet and others.

Storyville STCD 8242: Live At Winter Garden, New York; Blue Note, Chicago []

Radio aircheck recordings from the late 1940s (6/19/47 and 12/11/48?)

Jasmine JASCD 336: Fun With Bing And Louis []

Great collection of airchecks from Armstrong's numerous appearances on Crosby's radio show between 1949 and 1951. Includes music and dialogue.

Classics 1179: Chronological Armstrong 1949-1950 []

Decca/MCA MCAD-10503: Louis Jordan: Five Guys Named Moe []

Collection contains one of the two tracks Armstrong recorded with his former sideman in 1950.

TVT 9427-2: The Sullivan Years []

Collection of audio tracks from Satchmo's numerous appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Decca GRD-4-613: The California Concerts []

The All-Stars recorded at Pasadena Civic Auditorium, January 30, 1951 and at the Crescendo Club, Hollywood, CA on January 21, 1955.

LaserLight 15798: Louis Armstrong on the Road []

A single CD with excerpts from the September 7, 1957 concert in Seattle, WA.

LaserLight 15 773: Louis Armstrong and His All-Stars []

Ostensibly airchecks from two San Francisco nightclub appearances: 12/31/54 at the Down Beat and 1/16/1954 at Club Hangover. However, the All-Music Guide information does not match the CD track listing.

Columbia CK 64925: Louis Armstrong Plays W.C. Handy []

See remarks on July 12, 1954 recording session for the complex history of the CD release.

Sony 64927: Satch Plays Fats []

1955 tribute album to the great pianist and songwriter Thomas "Fats" Waller. CD re-issue includes alternate takes and seven earlier recordings of Waller tunes.

Columbia CL 840: Ambassador Satch []

A mix of live recordings and studio recordings from 1956 with added applause to make them sound live.

Sony 64926: Ambassador Satch []

CD rerelease of the Ambassador Satch LP

Columbia CK 53580: Satchmo the Great []

Drawn from the 1956 film devoted to Armstrong's life and music, the CD includes recordings from his world travels of 1955-56, as well as excerpts from an interview with narrator Edward R. Murrow. Notable cut is the 12-minute concerto grosso on "St. Louis Blues" with Leonard Bernstein conducting an 88-piece orchestra. An earlier CD release does not include the interview segments.

Columbia CK 65119: The Great Chicago Concert []

Live performance at the Medina Temple in Chicago on June 1, 1956

Avid 870: Live At the University of North Carolina []

Two-CD set of a live performance at the University of North Carolina. Also includes recordings from the the 1956 Newport Jazz Festival, the 1945 Esquire Jazz Concert (featuring a predecessor group to the All-Stars) and an excerpt from Armstrongs appearance in the 1937 film Artists and Models

Verve MGV 4003: Ella & Louis []

The first duet album from 1956 backed by a small group including Oscar Peterson, bassist Ray Brown (Ella's husband) and Buddy Rich!

Verve MGVS-6101 (LP): I've Got the World On A String []

Album recorded simultaneously with Louis Under The Stars in August, 1957.

Verve MGVS-6044 (LP): Louis Under The Stars []

Album recorded simultaneously with I've Got The World On A String in August, 1957.

Verve 314 559 831-2: Louis Under The Stars / I've Got the World On A String []

CD contains two albums recorded simultaneously in August, 1957. Includes alternate takes and false starts.

Verve MGV 4018: Ella & Louis Again []

Verve MGV 4011: Porgy & Bess []

An expansive orchestral collaboration between Louis and Ella performing music from Gershwin's great American opera in August, 1957.

Verve MGV 8322: Louis Armstrong Meets Oscar Peterson []

An intergenerational pairing of jazz giants. The CD reissue contains four tracks that were recorded earlier in the year at the Ella/Louis sessions.

Decca LP 8488: Louis And The Angels []

The thematically unified album became fashionable in the mid-50s (Sinatra's being prime examples). The "Louis And The Angels" album was yet another LP pushed through in a few short sessions, this with the odd theme of songs with "angels" in the title or lyric. A surprisingly good collection, though even Louis has to admit the inclusion of "The Prisoner's Song" was a big stretch to make the cut. Rereleased both as a single CD and paired with Louis and the Good Book.

Decca LP 8741: Louis And The Good Book []

A 1958 album of inspirational numbers by the All-Stars augmented with a white-bread choir. The CD is filled out with spiritually-themed singles from earlier in his career. An acquired taste you may not want to acquire. Rereleased both as a single CD and paired with Louis and the Angels.

MSI 388058: The Five Pennies (Soundtrack) []

Audio Fidelity AFSD 6241: Louis Armstrong And The Dukes Of Dixieland []

See notes for August 8, 1959 recording session

Chiaroscuro CR 2006: Louis Armstrong And The Dukes Of Dixieland (alternate takes) []

Alternate takes from the Louis Armstrong and the Dukes of Dixieland sessions.

Audio Fidelity AFSD 1930: Satchmo Plays King Oliver []

Collection of tunes written or performed by Armstrong's mentor and former employer, King Oliver. Recorded in New York City, September 30 and October 1 & 2, 1959 for the long-defunct Audio Fidelity label.

Blue Moon 3067: Doctor Jazz []

CD reissue of the Satchmo Plays King Oliver album, probably renamed because King Oliver has been, sadly, forgotten while Armstrong's echo has continued long after his passing.

Chiaroscuro CR2002 (LP): Satchmo Plays King Oliver - Alternate Takes []

LP of alternate takes from the Satchmo Plays King Oliver sessions in 1959.

Audio Fidelity AFSD 1924 (LP): Louie and the Dukes []

The second and final pairing of Armstrong in 1960 with the stiff but well-meaning Dukes of Dixieland.

Chiaroscuro CR 2003 (LP): Louie and the Dukes []

Vinyl album of outtakes from the Louie and the Dukes sessions.

MGM E3882P (LP): Bing and Satch []

Crosby and Armstrong, two frequent collaborators and seasoned veterans of 20th century show business in the studio for a hastily assembled collection in 1960. Most of these tracks are included on an EMI "Bing Crosby: Legends of the 20th Century" CD that includes duets with Rosemary Clooney and Crosby solo work from this period.

Milan 35686-2: What A Wonderful World -- The Elisabethville Concert []

Abbreviated (one-CD) version of November, 1960 concert during Armstrong's trip to Africa sponsored by the U.S. State Department. Yet another CD named to capitalize on Armstrong's posthumous hit.

Milan 35908: The Katanga Concert []

Complete (?) recording of a November, 1960 concert during Armstrong's trip to Africa sponsored by the U.S. State Department.

Blue Note 24546: Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington - The Complete Roulette Sessions []

The great Duke Ellington sat in on piano with the All-Stars for a couple of days in 1961 to record this collection of popular Ellington compositions. The "Complete Sessions" CD includes the additional takes.

Columbia OL 5850 (LP): The Real Ambassadors []

A sprawling concept album from 1961 written by Dave Brubeck.

Kapp KL1364: Hello, Dolly! []

A 1964 album (Kapp KL1364) built around the hit single (Kapp 573). A hastily assembled (one session!) but pleasant collection of contemporary show tunes and some older standards. Basically an All-Stars album with some additional backing musicians kept fairly unobtrusive in the mix. The first CD reissue added no additional tracks. Produced by Michael Kapp.

Vanguard VSD-91/92: The Essential Louis Armstrong Recorded Live At The Palais Des Sports, Paris, 1965 []

Live All-Stars performance.

GRP 656: What A Wonderful World []

A CD apparently pieced together from an album produced by Bob Thiele in 1968 and some singles from 1967. "What a Wonderful World" was a sizable hit in Britain in 1967 but did nothing in America until its inclusion in the movie Good Morning, Vietnam two decades later.

Buena Vista 4044: Disney Songs The Satchmo Way []

A 1968 collection of songs from Disney movies. Again, Pops does what he can with lackluster material.

Capitol 41419: On Her Majesty's Secret Service (Soundtrack) []

Armstrong sang the title theme from this 1969 Bond picture: "We Have All The Time In The World."

Capitol 40554: The Best Of James Bond []

Armstrong sang the title theme from the 1969 Bond picture On Her Majesty's Secret Service: "We Have All The Time In The World."

Flying Dutchman AMS 12009: Louis Armstrong And His Friends (aka What A Wonderful World) []

Armstrong's penultimate album project from 1970. A sprawling, marginally successful attempt to put Pops in a somewhat more contemporary setting. The album naming is confusing because it has been re-released by RCA as What A Wonderful World, which is apparently meant to capitalize on the posthumous popularity of the hit song that was part of an earlier album from 1968. The Wonderful World track is not the well-known version from 1968, but a more up-tempo version from 1970. "We Shall Overcome" is backed by a large all-star chorus that includes Miles Davis (that must have been something to hear!) and Tony Bennett, among others.

Avco Embassy AVE 33022: Louis Armstrong and the Nashville Cats(?) []

Louis' final studio recordings covering country hits. An odd concept, not available on CD - which is probably for the best.

Laser Light 12774: Christmas Through The Years []

A collection of Christmas or (in an abstract sense) Christmas-themed songs spanning almost a half century (1925-1970). Includes Armstrong's final recording, the children's story, The Night Before Christmas, taped at his home just a few months before his passing in 1971. The "Wonderful World" track is the 1970 up-tempo recording, not the recording popularized in the 1988 film Good Morning, Vietnam.

Storyville 1088602: Louis Armstrong in Scandanavia []

A four-CD box set collecting tour performances in Sweeden and Denmark from 1933 to 1967.

ABC-Paramount 45-10982

ABC-Paramount ABC 350

ABC-Paramount ABC 45-11075

ABC-Paramount ABC 650

Ajax 17109

Ambassador CLA 1909

Ambassador CLA 1910

Ambassador CLA 1915

Ambassador CLA 1918

Apex 8317

Arg. Odeon 193329

Bluebird 9759-2

Bluebird 9759-2-rb

Bluebird B-10225

Bluebird B-10236

Brunswick 3567

Brunswick 500490

Brunswick 500491

Brunswick 500492

Brunswick 55318

Brunswick 55328

Brunswick 55350

Brunswick 55360

Brunswick 55380

Brunswick 55395

Brunswick BL 754136

CBS 88669

Capitol 5716


Columbia 14056-D

Columbia 35838

Columbia 13003-D

Columbia 14003-D

Columbia 14050-D

Columbia 14055-D

Columbia 14056-D

Columbia 14058-D

Columbia 14059-D

Columbia 14062-D

Columbia 14063-D

Columbia 14064-D

Columbia 14073-D

Columbia 14077-D

Columbia 14079-D

Columbia 14083-D

Columbia 14090-D

Columbia 14095-D

Columbia 228-D

Columbia 249-D

Columbia 2688-D

Columbia 292-D

Columbia 35661

Columbia 35663

Columbia 35838

Columbia 36376

Columbia 383-D

Columbia 395-D

Columbia 4-43819

Columbia 40587

Columbia 40662

Columbia 429268

Columbia 509-D

Columbia CK 64926

Columbia CK 64927

Columbia CL 591

Columbia CL 708 (LP)

Columbia House Party

Company Discografica Italiana CDI 2017

Company Discografica Italiana CDI 2026

Continental 45 CR 1001


Decca 623

Decca 648

Decca (7)4227

Decca (LP) DL9225

Decca 1049

Decca 1216

Decca 1245

Decca 1347

Decca 1353

Decca 1360

Decca 1369

Decca 1408

Decca 1495

Decca 15027

Decca 15043

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Decca 18092

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Decca 1842

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Decca 1937

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Decca 24752

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Decca 2538

Decca 2615

Decca 27059

Decca 27113

Decca 27209

Decca 27212

Decca 27254

Decca 2729

Decca 27481

Decca 27623

Decca 27626

Decca 27720

Decca 27816

Decca 27899

Decca 27901

Decca 27931

Decca 28076

Decca 28177

Decca 28394

Decca 28443

Decca 28524

Decca 28552

Decca 28628

Decca 28704

Decca 28803

Decca 28943

Decca 28995

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Decca 29153

Decca 29256

Decca 29280

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Decca 29352

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Decca 29710

Decca 29921

Decca 3011

Decca 30188

Decca 30771

Decca 3092

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Decca 3151

Decca 3180

Decca 3204

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Decca 3283

Decca 3700

Decca 3756

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Decca 3825

Decca 3900

Decca 4106

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Decca 4327

Decca 580

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Decca 685

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Decca 835

Decca 866

Decca 9-27187/8

Decca 9-27187/88

Decca 9-27189

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Decca 9-27190

Decca 9-27191/2

Decca 9-27191/2/3

Decca 9-27194

Decca 906

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Decca DL (7)4227

Decca DL 5532

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Decca DL 8330

Decca DL 8605

Decca F-5785

Decca F-5836/579

Decca G-5895

Decca LP 4331

Domino 3458

Fontana 683.283 JCL


Gennett 5132

Gennett 5133

Gennett 5134

Gennett 5135

Gennett 5184

Gennett 5274

Gennett 5275

Gennett 5276 unissued

Gennett 5594

Gennett 5607

Gennett 5626

Gennett 5627

Gotham Recording Company

Harmony 4H

Harmony 5H

Jazz Band EBCD 2138-2

Jubilee 501 0006

Jubilee 501 0008

Kapp 573

Kapp K 901

Kapp K 977

Look Magazine 1959 Christmas Edition

MCA 25013


Mercury 21081

Mercury 72338

Mercury 72371

Mercury 72574

Mercury SG 61081

Milan 35908-2

Moon MCD 066-2

Moon MCD 080-2

Musica Jazz MJCD 1087

N.P.C. PR 178

OKeh 40260

OKeh 40321

OKeh 40330

OKeh 41255

OKeh 41291

OKeh 41298

OKeh 41350

OKeh 41375

OKeh 41415

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OKeh 41448

OKeh 41454

OKeh 41463

OKeh 41468

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OKeh 41486

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OKeh 41501

OKeh 41504

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OKeh 41534

OKeh 41538

OKeh 41541

OKeh 41550

OKeh 41552

OKeh 41557

OKeh 41560

OKeh 8185

OKeh 8212

OKeh 8215

OKeh 8245

OKeh 8254

OKeh 8261

OKeh 8272

OKeh 8273

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OKeh 8297

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OKeh 8312

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OKeh 8320

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OKeh 8342

OKeh 8343

OKeh 8345

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OKeh 8357

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OKeh 8379

OKeh 8396

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OKeh 8423

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OKeh 8774

OKeh 8800

Odeon Argentina 284649


Okeh 40000

Okeh 40034

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Okeh 8171

Okeh 8173

Okeh 8181

Okeh 8187

Okeh 8235

Okeh 8279

Okeh 8297

Okeh 8313

Okeh 8326

Okeh 8346

Okeh 8358

Okeh 8389

Pablo PACD-2310-941-2


Paramount 12088

Paramount 12238

Paramount 12252

Paramount 12256

Paramount 12262

Paramount 12317

Paramount 12324

Paramount 12337

Paramount 20292

Paramount 20367

Paramount rejected

Pathe 036156

Pathe 036157

Pathe 036214

Pathe 036266

Pathe 06213

Philips 429219 BE

Philips 6073 701

Puritan 11367

Queen Q-053

RCA SP DMM4 0456

RCA Victor Special Products Z4RM-1089

Regal 9739

Regal 9753

Regal 9767

Regal 9770

Regal 9774

Regal 9775

Regal 9789

Regal 9803

Reprise R 6180

Roulette RE108

TCB Records TCB 43072

United Artists 50251

United Artists 50617


V-Disc 384-A

V-Disc 491-B

Verve B 001689102

Verve CD 517169-2

Verve CD 539060-2

Verve CD 547265-2

Victor 20-1891

Victor 20-1912

Victor 20-2087

Victor 20-2088

Victor 20-2228

Victor 20-2240

Victor 20-2348

Victor 20-2456

Victor 20-2530

Victor 20-2612

Victor 20-2648

Victor 20-3064

Victor 20-6630

Victor 23580

Victor 24200

Victor 24204

Victor 24232

Victor 24233

Victor 24245

Victor 24257

Victor 24320

Victor 24321

Victor 24335

Victor 24351

Victor 24363

Victor 24369

Victor 24425

Victor 36084

Victor 40-0102

Victor 40-0136

Victor 40-4001

Victor 68-0774

Victor LP LJM-1005

Victor LP VPM 6044

Vocalion 15030

Vocalion 1027

Vocalion 1037

Vocalion 1099

Vocalion 1100

Vocalion 14926

Vocalion 14935

Vocalion 15030

Vocalion 15165

Vocalion 15632

Vocalion VL3851

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