Dick Andros (1926 - 2009)

Dick Andros was a dancer, choreographer, and teacher for over 50 years. He started dancing after his discharge from the army in World War II. Making his debut in Los Angeles on a program with Ruth St. Denis. He joined the San Francisco Ballet Company in 1948 and danced in Ballet Companies, concerts, night clubs and television.

His teaching career included The Theatre Arts Center. Bat Dor Dance Company of Israel, New York School of Ballet, New York City High School of Performing Arts, Harkness Dance Center, Steps on Broadway, guest teacher at Broadway Dance Center, 92nd Street "Y" and Ballet Academy East. He wrote about dance history for the magazines Dance Pages and Dance and the Arts. He passed away in the Bronx on December 31, 2009 following a brief battle with leukemia.

You may view a more detailed bio as well as information about his brothers Plato and Dee, and photos from his Memorial Service

1997 Interview

On 27 July 1997, Dick discussed his life and career with harpist, neighbor, and fellow Sooner Ray Pool. These videos are also available on YouTube.

Part I: Early Years (video)
Part II: Early Career (video)
Part III: Performing (video)
Part IV: Teaching (video)
Part V: Freelancing (video)
Part VI Writing (video)
Part VII: The Politics of Ballet (video)
Part VIII: Curtain (video)

Gus Jr. Wants To Talk To You

After taking up writing seriously in the early 1990s, Mr. Andros compiled a collection of personal essays on his life and experiences as a soldier, performer, teacher and writer. The 47 essays are presented below in the order he set before passing.

1. Roberts Family Tree

2. Aunt Oma

3. Dick Andros Biography

4. Dick

5. Cousins

6. World War II and the Army

7. Getting the Most Out of an Ocean Voyage

8. The Ring

9. Acrophobia

10. Letter to Wilma, 1947

11. Mother - The Early Years

12. Mother - The End

13. Gus Jr. Wants to Talk to You

14. Mrs. Smith

15. My Greatest Teacher

16. Boardroom

17. Bill

18. Mildred

19. Gus, This is Betty.

20. Gus. Jr. and the Dance World

21. I Must Have Done Something Right

22. I Know What Kind of Bar That Is

23. Jeanette

24. Necessity is the Mother of Invention

25. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

26. My Gray Coat

27. Jimmy

28. Jobs are Hard to Come By

29. Vera Nemtchinova and Anatole Obouhkoff

30. Put on the Spot

31. The Crosstown Bus

32. The Studio

33. Israeli Customs

34. Bat Dor Tour

35. Ballerina

36. High School of the Performing Arts

37. September 9th

38. After the Attack

39. Gus Jr. as a Writer

40. Has Ballet Become Track and Field

41. Margaret and Sonia

43. Sixty and Still Counting

44. Up in the Air

45. Dance, But What Kind?

46. Baklava

47. Androsmax

Dick and Puggy
Dick Andros
Dick Andros
Dick in the Army
Dick Andros
Dick Andros and cat
Dick Andros at the pool
Dorothy Wright and Dick Andros
Dick Andros
Headshot, 1960s?
Teaching class, 1977
Dick Andros
70th Birthday
Dick Andros and John Rich
09/10/2005 18:04:57
Dick at Home, 2005

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