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Andros on Ballet is a collection of articles about ballet history and classical ballet technique written by Dick Andros, a ballet teacher and writer who was based in New York City and provided this site to share the knowledge and stories he accumulated through his long career as a dancer and teacher.

How It All Started: In 1988 Mr. Andros began writing the printed newsletters and magazine articles that would ultimately become the foundation of this website. You may read more about the beginnings of Mr. Andros' writing career HERE.

The Website: Mr. Andros writing was collected and initially published on this website in 2000. You may read more about the history of the Andros on Ballet website HERE.

Guide to Bibliographic Citation

We frequently receive requests for information needed to cite the Andros on Ballet site in research papers. To our knowledge, because the internet is a freely available public resource, no permission is required for any "Fair Use" as it is defined in U.S. copyright law. We are delighted that the internet community finds our site valuable and are happy to see the information used for academic purposes.

There are a wide variety of citation styles so you should clarify with your teacher or publisher EXACTLY what is expected before beginning your research.

The standard MLA format for citation from secondary pages on web sites is as follows:

Author. Title of Article.Name of site. Name of Organization. Date of posting. Date of access <URL>.

For example, when citing the Michael Kidd page viewed on August 23, 2006:

Andros, Dick. "Michael Kidd."Andros on Ballet. 1998. 23 August 2006 <https://michaelminn.net/andros/../kidd_michael>.

When information is not available, it is appropriate within MLA guidelines to omit that information.

"Name of Organization" is not given. Since there site is devoted primarily to the writings of a single independent author, there is no formally named organization associated with this site.

For some pages on this site there is also no "Date of posting". Most of the material on this site was originally prepared for a photocopied newsletter that Mr. Andros distributed to his ballet classes during the 1990's. That material was adapted for the web in 2000 and site content is sporadically augmented and updated. When available, the date of original newsletter publication is given at the bottom of the page, although there are a few pages where the date of original publication or the date of last update was not preserved. Date of publication is a difficult concept in dealing with web sites. Because all good web sites are constantly changing, often the only meaningful date that defines a particular "edition" of a site is the date of access.

If no publication date is available and a particular teacher insists on a date of publication, despite your very rational protestations to the contrary, the only practical date is the year of access.

The APA citation format contains the same information but has significant differences in punctuation. Again, if date of posting is not available, it is omitted.

Andros, Dick. Michael Kidd. "Andros on Ballet." Retrieved August 23, 2006, from https://michaelminn.net/andros/../kidd_michael

In 2005 the site was moved from tripod.com to michaelminn.net. Any links to "androsdance.tripod.com" are now obsolete, although all content has been transferred to the michaelminn.net server, albeit with different URLs. On August 23, 2006, the site underwent a major technical change to use a PHP wrapper rather than a frameset. This permits direct access to content with URL links (which displayed in the browser location bar) and should make bibliographic citation more accurate. The site underwent another structural change on March 2, 2010 that changes the layout and simplifies URLs but keeps the same content.


Images on this site come from a number of different sources. Since the Andros on Ballet site does not hold copyright on any of these images, we have no authority to grant permission for their use on the web or in any other medium and we are not able to provide information on sourcing or rights.


I started working on the Dick Andros Newsletter in 1988 to publish a history of ballet for my friends and students. The material on this site is largely adapted from these newsletters. I hope that you have learned from my endeavors.

I have had help since the beginning from people like Barbara Kamhi-Silber, Lidell Jackson and Penny Caruso. Later Miriam T. Gross helped me with the facts and the accuracy of dates and names. Stephen Burns has helped with grammar and the computer.

Jesse Tran created the dancer logo. Michael Minn adapted this material for the web.

I also want to give my thanks to those who bought a subscription year after year to help cover the expenses. Without my asking, Karin Ludlow and Dr. David Wollner became my financial angels, and I am indebted to them for having faith in this project.

(page last updated 2 March 2010)