West Brighton

The ROW narrows in this area and runs through active industrial property, notably the Caddell shipyard. Much of the ROW is being used for storage but no permanent structures have been built on it. Elevation and relocation of the track above grade would presumably be required to preserve the businesses here.

The West Brighton station was supposedly located at the foot of Broadway, presumably someplace on the Caddell Dry Dock facility.

Markham Gardens sits just to the south of the rail line in West Brighton. It was originally built in 1943 as housing for workers in nearby shipyards that were extremely active during WW-II. The 23 two-story buildings were small and frail and were emptied in 2004 to be replaced by subsidized private redevelopment. The new Markham Gardens includes 240 mixed-income rentals, 25 attached two-family homes and senior housing. The hope is that the new buildings will solve the physical woes and the mixed-income structure will solve the spiritual woes, although urban renewal projects invariably involve insensitive displacement in an attempt to dissipate critical masses of poverty. A new rail station just steps away would be a nice amenity as well. (NYC.gov 2009, SILive.com 2009)

By contrast, West Brighton Houses I is an old school post-WW-II high-rise housing project that sits just to the southwest of Markham Gardens. It has 488 units and opened in 1962. West Brighton II was opened in 1965 just to the south with 144 units in one-story buildings. The West Brighton II buildings were boarded up when I visited in 2009.

11/20/2009 16:04:30
Caddell Dock and Repair Co. parking lot
11/20/2009 16:04:42
Caddell Dry Dock and Repair Co.
11/20/2009 16:12:30
Track near Caddell Dry Dock
11/20/2009 16:12:41
Track in front of Penn Maritime, 1435 Richmond Terrace
11/20/2009 16:13:03
ROW running east in front of Penn Maritime
11/20/2009 16:13:16
ROW running west from Penn Maritime
11/20/2009 16:14:05
ROW running east in front of Penn Maritime
11/20/2009 16:14:24
Wrecked car on ROW
11/20/2009 16:14:28
ROW running west
11/20/2009 16:18:51
Caddell Dry Dock, Bwy. at Richmond Terrace
11/20/2009 16:22:33
Caddell Dry Dock, foot of Van St.
11/20/2009 16:23:03
Corner of Richmond Terrace and Van St.
11/20/2009 16:24:06
ROW at foot of Tompkins Ct., Container ship on Kill van Kull
11/20/2009 16:26:24
Caddell Dry Dock
11/20/2009 16:26:03
Rotted wood pile in Caddell Dry Dock
11/20/2009 16:26:33
Rotted wood pile in Caddell Dry Dock
11/20/2009 16:24:27
West fence of Caddell Dry Dock
11/20/2009 16:25:24
West fence of Caddell Dry Dock
11/20/2009 16:25:39
Surveillance sign
11/20/2009 16:24:59
Track resumes
11/20/2009 16:25:09
Track headed west
11/20/2009 16:24:46
Towers in twilight
12/04/2009 12:25:56
Markham Gardens
12/04/2009 12:26:08
Markham Gardens
12/04/2009 12:27:12
Markham Gardens
12/04/2009 12:27:49
Markham Gardens
12/04/2009 12:28:12
Markham Gardens
12/04/2009 12:28:44
Markham Gardens
11/20/2009 16:15:41
Markham Gardens
11/20/2009 16:16:49
Markham Gardens
11/20/2009 16:17:57
Markham Gardens
11/20/2009 16:18:31
Markham Gardens home sale sign
11/20/2009 16:19:48
Corner of Richmond Terrace and Broadway
12/04/2009 12:30:27
West Brighton I
12/04/2009 12:32:57
West Brighton I
12/04/2009 12:34:31
West Brighton I
12/04/2009 12:34:41
West Brighton I
12/04/2009 12:38:14
West Brighton I on Henderson Street
12/04/2009 12:34:59
West Brighton II
12/04/2009 12:35:40
West Brighton II
12/04/2009 12:35:27
New development across Alaska Street
12/04/2009 12:35:59
Older houses on Alaska Street
12/04/2009 12:36:40
New Dimensions Auto Body
12/04/2009 12:39:03
Territory markers?
12/04/2009 12:39:50
Alaska Street houses get less charming closer to the water
12/04/2009 12:40:34
Infill development
12/04/2009 12:41:47
19 Alaska Street
12/04/2009 12:42:04
12/04/2009 12:45:15
Construction of Pt. Richmond East Interceptor Throttling Facility
12/04/2009 12:45:37
Construction of Pt. Richmond East Interceptor Throttling Facility
12/04/2009 12:46:12
Outreach towing, East side of water treatment plant
12/04/2009 12:46:26
Outreach towing, 1741 Richmond Terrace
12/04/2009 12:47:51
Packard West Brighton

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