Triboro Bridge

Opened: July 11, 1936

Architect: Gustav Lindenthal, Arthur I. Perry, Othmar Amman

The Triboro Bridge connects Manhattan, the Bronx and Queens through a complex sequence of three long-span bridges plus elevated viaducts and interchanges over Randall's Island.

Initial plans for the bridge were announced in 1916 but the bridge did not receive initial funding until 1925. Groundbreaking occurred on October 25, 1929 (one day after Black Thursday), but the subsequent depression caused suspension of work soon the following year. Parks Commissioner Robert Moses convinced Mayor LaGuardia to form an independent agency (the Triboro Bridge Authority) to handle construction of the bridge (and circumvent the corrupt patronage system of the time). Moses then secured a $37 million loan from the Federal Public Works Administration to resume construction in 1933. Port Authority chief engineer Othmar Ammann was brought in to complete and coordinate design of the structure based on earlier work by Gustav Lindenthal and Arthur I. Perry. The bridge was officially opened by Presiden Franklin Roosevelt on July 11, 1936. (

Triboro Bridge: Draw Span
Suspension Span
Triboro Bridge: Fixed Truss Span

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