University Heights Bridge

Opened: January 8, 1909

Architect: Alfred P. Boller

The Universith Heights Bridge connects 207th street between Manhattan and the Bronx. It is a swing bridge that was designed by Alfred P. Boller and incorporates a swing span that was originally built in 1895 and used as the Broadway Bridge. Boller also designed the Madison Avenue, 145th Street and Macombs Dam bridges, which explains the stylistic similarities in elegant 19th century ornamentation.

03/12/2005 17:23:22
View from the west
03/12/2005 17:23:33
Rowing team on the river
03/12/2005 17:23:53
Pedestrian housing
03/12/2005 17:27:34
View from the southeast
03/12/2005 17:33:39
View from the northeast
03/12/2005 17:38:02
Closeup of ornamental spire

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