Triboro Bridge: Fixed Truss Span

Perhaps the least glamorous part of the Triboro Bridge is the truss section connecting the Bronx with the main interchange on Randalls Island. The main span over Bronx Kill is a 383-foot-long subdivided Warren Truss span with a clearance above mean high water of 55 feet. The approach truss spans are 1,217 feet giving a total anchorage-to-anchorage length of 1,600 feet.

At the time of construction, Bronx Kill was not navigable and the Corps of Engineers permitted use of a fixed span with the proviso that it be built in a way that would permit conversion to a lift span at a later time. Subsequently much of Bronx Kill has been filled in to expand parkland, leaving the tidal estuary little more than a shallow canal. The Kill can be navigated by canoe between the Harlem River on the west and East River on the east at high tide.

07/18/2008 16:58:52
Under the deck in Port Morris
07/18/2008 16:59:00
Under the deck in Port Morris
07/18/2008 16:59:56
Trusses leading away from Port Morris
07/18/2008 17:00:08
One of the approach trusses in Port Morris
07/18/2008 17:00:44
The handicapped accessible ramp on the west side of the bridge in Port Morris
07/18/2008 17:02:25
Handicapped-accessible ramp
07/18/2008 17:05:16
Non-handicapped-accessible pedestrian ramp on east side
07/18/2008 17:02:10
Bicycle Riders Prohibited?
07/18/2008 17:06:37
The pedestrian walkway on the east side of the bridge
07/18/2008 17:07:30
One of the approach truss spans viewed from the pedestrian path
07/18/2008 17:10:48
The eastern pedestrian path leading to the north tower
07/18/2008 17:10:56
Art Deco detailing on one of the concrete bridge piers
07/18/2008 17:11:48
Bronx Kill running east under the NYC Connecting Railroad approach to the Hell Gate Bridge
07/18/2008 17:13:05
Pedestrian walkway descending onto Randalls Island
07/18/2008 17:13:35
Northeast main span pier
07/18/2008 17:13:52
Pedestrian walkways joining under the south approach
07/18/2008 17:14:09
Bronx Kill under the truss span
07/18/2008 17:14:21
Closeup of northeast pier
07/18/2008 17:14:46
East walkway descending from the bridge
07/18/2008 17:15:18
Pedestrian walkways joining under the south approach
07/18/2008 17:16:17
Bronx Kill flowing from the west
07/18/2008 17:16:53
Pedestrian walkways joining under the south approach
07/18/2008 17:19:06
The truss span
07/18/2008 17:20:25
The truss span
07/18/2008 17:21:37
The truss span
07/18/2008 17:27:02
Unused ramp to pedestrian walkway on the viaduct over the island