Nabor Theatre

1717 Wright Ave

Little Rock, AR

The 600-seat Nabor Theatre was built around 1946 to serve what was then a working-class community in the southern part of Little Rock. It was built as a segregated theatre with the main floor for whites and the balcony for blacks. Colored folks used the same ticket window but entered the theatre through a totally separate entrance (possibly on the left side or through a door located where the "Open" sign is in this photo). Fittingly, the Nabor is only about a mile southwest of Little Rock Central High School, which was the scene of a bitter forced integration dispute involving Federal troops in 1957. When I visited the area in 2007, it was a predominantly black neighborhood and the theatre had been converted into the Islamic Center for Human Excellence. A promotional article with photos of the theatre when it was new are located here and here.

11/26/2007 17:15:49
Nabor Theatre

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