Union Square Park

Between Broadway/4th Avenue and 14th/17th Streets

This former potters field between Bloomingdale Road and The Bowery was designated Union Place when the Manhattan street grid system was laid out in 1807. The City acquired the the lot in 1833 and Union Square Park opened on July 19, 1839. In 1872, landscape architects Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux (of Central Park fame) redesigned the park, making it more fitting for public meetings. The first Labor Day celebration occurred here on September 5, 1882 - subsequently becoming a national holiday in 1894. The old park was completely demolished and rebuilt in 1928 to create a new underground subway concourse. After falling into disrepair during the 1970s, the park underwent a major renovation in 1985 and had additional improvements in the 1990s. (reference)

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Union Square Drinking Fountain
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Bronze map
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Dog Run
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Union Square: George Washington (Henry Kirke Brown, 1856)
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George Washington
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Marquis de Lafeyette
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W Union Square
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Abraham Lincoln (Henry Kirke Brown, 1869)
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Abraham Lincoln
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Abraham Lincoln
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Abraham Lincoln
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Union Square Park
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Union Square Park

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