Korea, 1951

James Howland was a captain in a construction battalion with the 8th US Army during the Korean War, where my father served as his translator. His resume lists his service from June of 1951 to November of 1952, stationed both in Philadelphia (Pennsylvania Military District) and in Korea.

Howland was also an avid photographer, and many of these color photos appear to document some leave time in Seoul and/or Busan, and Nagasaki (Sasebo).

After Howland passed away in 1996, his personal effects also contained a laquered photo album dated September 15, 1953 that was apparently a present from my father. Although there is no text in the album and no clear chronological or thematic sequencing, a handful of the black-and-white photos (many sepia toned) have notes on the back.

If you have any further information on the people or places in these photos, I'd love to hear from you.

Bivouac and Hill 1062
Korean Landscape
Seoul / Busan
Field Operations
On Board Ship
Mule Trail

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