Passenger Rail in Israel

At the time of our trip to Israel I was a PhD student at the University of Illinois with a research focus on passenger rail transportation. It seemed appropriate that during our trip to Israel I should explore their transit systems whenever possible. So, on our day off, while my mother was at the National Museum of Israel, I took the Israel Railways train from Jerusalem back up to Tel Aviv and Haifa, and returned the same day.

Israel Railways: Jerusalem to Bet Shemesh
Israel Railways: Bet Shemesh to Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv - Savidor Merkaz
Israel Railways: Haifa
Bat Galim Station
Israel Railways: Haifa to Jerusalem
Jerusalem Mall
Old Jerusalem Railway Station
Israel Railways: Grade Crossings
Roads and Rails: Eretz Israel Museum
Carmelit (The Haifa Subway)
CityPass / Jerusalem Light Rail Transit

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