Riverside South Highway Tunnel

The development plan for Riverside South included a rerouting of the Miller Highway into a tunnel through the railyard grounds, leaving the residents of the complex with a nice expanse of parkland and unimpeded views of the river. But although Trump was able to muscle the development into existence over vociferous community opposition, he was not able to convince lawmakers to expend public funds for a tunnel whose primary virtue would be to add value to a luxury housing development. The northernmost buildings were the first to rise and the boulevard in front of them was created over fill that could later be excavated for the tunnel. Development of the buildings and boulevard further south include the tunnel. Once the complex is completed and the renovated viaduct starts to reach the end of its design life in 2025 or so, the tunnel idea will likely be revisited.

09/05/2008 11:47:57
Pedestrian path to Riverside South
09/05/2008 12:13:41
Fill north of 65th Street
09/05/2008 12:17:00
The viaduct and Riverside Boulevard converge at 72nd Street
09/05/2008 11:51:10
Fill on what will be the highway tunnel
09/05/2008 12:10:54
Fill north of 65th Street
09/05/2008 12:13:25
Pedestrian path over fill
09/05/2008 12:09:44
Tunnel wall at 64th Street?
09/05/2008 12:11:44
Tunnel wall at 64th Street
09/05/2008 12:08:26
Tunnel construction at 63rd Street
09/05/2008 12:08:43
Tunnel construction at 63rd Street
09/01/2008 13:45:18
Tunnel at 62nd Street
09/01/2008 13:45:27
Tunnel at 62nd Street
09/01/2008 13:23:37
Tunnel construction equipment
10/10/2008 12:01:49
Riverside South tunnel under construction

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