Mariner's Harbor / Arlington

Mariner's Harbor was a center-platform station that sat between Van Pelt Avenue and Erastina Place.

Mariner's Harbor houses is a dreary high-rise development from 1953, which seems to have opened just as the NSRR line was closing. Whether that was by Robert Moses' design or not, it likely served to further isolate the low income residents by making them dependent on slow city buses for mobility.

Harbor Road was the penultimate stop on the North Shore line. The far western part of the line has been reactivated for freight service to the New York Container Terminal in Howland Hook. The restored line begins with a single track just west of Union Road, proceeds under Harbor Road and expands to five tracks just west of South Road. The Travis Branch also splits off of the line just east of South Road and continues down the West Shore to an electrical plant.

Arlington was the terminating station on the North Shore line at South Road. No traces of the old station remain. There has never been regular passenger rail service beyond South Road and there are no plans to add it. Adding a stop in Howland Hook might be helpful for some New York Container Terminal employees, but limited potential patronage and possibility of contention with freight service might not make an additional stop worth the cost. The area west of South Road and south of the ROW is largely undeveloped and is a potential location for an additional rail yard and / or a new maintenance facility.

12/04/2009 15:46:59
Mariner's Harbor station
12/04/2009 15:47:22
Mariner's Harbor station
12/04/2009 15:46:19
Van Pelt Ave. bridge over ROW
12/04/2009 15:47:47
Unused power line over ROW
12/04/2009 15:52:16
Canopy supports
12/04/2009 15:53:05
12/04/2009 15:53:21
Mariner's Harbor station
12/04/2009 15:53:49
Mariner's Harbor station
12/04/2009 15:54:18
12/04/2009 15:54:43
West edge of platform
12/04/2009 15:55:34
Linden Ave. along south edge of ROW
12/04/2009 15:55:02
Maple Parkway
12/04/2009 15:55:29
Maple Parkway
12/04/2009 16:00:24
Arthur Drier and Son
12/04/2009 16:04:16
Union Avenue
12/04/2009 16:06:42
Disused silos on Leyden Ave btw Union Ave and Harbor Road
12/04/2009 16:07:17
Abandoned townhouse development on Harbor Road
12/04/2009 16:14:51
Mariner's Harbor Houses
12/04/2009 16:15:26
Mariner's Harbor Houses
12/04/2009 16:16:19
Management Office
12/04/2009 16:16:33
Building plaque - notice Robert Moses not included
12/04/2009 16:16:47
Mariner's Harbor Houses
12/04/2009 16:17:50
Mariner's Harbor Houses
12/04/2009 16:18:08
Mariner's Harbor Houses
12/04/2009 16:18:36
Mariner's Harbor Houses
12/04/2009 16:16:05
Lockman Loop just east of Mariner's Harbor Houses
12/04/2009 16:20:07
Mill north of ROW and Mariner's Harbor Houses
12/04/2009 16:20:57
El gato
12/04/2009 16:11:32
Pentecostal Tabernacle, 183 Harbor Road
12/04/2009 16:12:18
Survivor walkup, Harbor Road
12/04/2009 16:13:19
St. Michael's Church
12/04/2009 16:24:06
Pedestrian passage to South Road Bridge
12/04/2009 16:27:58
House on South Road
12/04/2009 16:28:08
South Road bridge
12/04/2009 16:02:01
ROW enclosure east of Union Avenue
12/04/2009 16:01:25
Restored rail line west of Union Avenue
12/04/2009 16:02:30
Single rail line west from Union Avenue
12/04/2009 16:07:50
Restored rail line west of Union Avenue
12/04/2009 16:08:21
Restored rail line running under Union Avenue bridge
12/04/2009 16:07:26
Harbor Road Bridge, Summerfield United Methodist Church
12/04/2009 16:08:54
Rail line splitting to three tracks west of Harbor Road
12/04/2009 16:20:50
Conrail - No Trespassing
12/04/2009 16:27:07
Tracks headed from the east to South Road
12/04/2009 16:26:13
Tracks headed west to Arlington Yard
12/04/2009 16:26:37
Tracks headed west to Arlington Yard