Elm Park

The Port Richmond viaduct ends just to the Eest of Treadwell Avenue, with the ROW proceding on an embankment to the Bayonne Bridge, where it descends into and open cut. A single track seems to be intact from here on west with some derelict vestigial station facilities and platforms, although the cut is heavily overgrown. Street bridges over the ROW have been maintained and this is likely the least expensive stretch of ROW to restore. This is also the area that will receive the greatest commuting time reductions on the line. If the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail (HBRL) line is extended into Staten Island, the Elm Park station, just under the approach to the Bayonne Bridge on Hwy. 440, would presumably be a transfer point between the two lines.

The remnants of the Elm Park station sit under the Bayonne Bridge just to the east of Morningstar Road. They are some of the better-preserved and more visible of the NSRR station ruins.

There is a pedestrian bridge over the ROW just to the east of the Elm Park station that gives a good view of the ROW in this area. The surrounding neighborhood is a mildly-decayed old working-class neighborhood and includes Port Richmond High School. Perhaps a good target for gentrification associated with a new rail line.

12/04/2009 14:13:49
Eastbound platform
12/04/2009 14:14:05
Platforms under the bridge
12/04/2009 14:14:41
Eastbound platform
12/04/2009 14:18:16
Station canopies
12/04/2009 14:18:49
West end of eastbound platform
12/04/2009 14:19:45
West end of eastbound platform
12/04/2009 14:26:21
Elm Park station viewed from the Southeast
12/04/2009 14:26:47
12/04/2009 14:28:12
Breech in eastbound platform
12/04/2009 14:28:20
East end of eastbound platform
12/04/2009 14:19:28
ROW headed east under the Bayonne Bridge
12/04/2009 14:21:09
Westbound platform
12/04/2009 14:22:25
Watery ROW headed west from Elm Park
12/04/2009 14:25:00
Densely-packed houses on Innis Street
12/04/2009 14:25:53
Innis Street leading to pedestrian bridge
12/04/2009 14:29:15
Pedestrian bridge
12/04/2009 14:29:30
ROW under the pedestrian bridge
12/04/2009 14:30:04
ROW looking west to Elm Park station
12/04/2009 14:30:25
ROW looking west to Elm Park station
12/04/2009 14:30:48
Overgrown ROW east of pedestrian bridge
12/04/2009 14:31:03
Overgrown retaining wall on south side of ROW
12/04/2009 14:34:59
Northbound John Street dead end into ROW
12/04/2009 14:31:39
Overgrown eastbound tracks passing John Street
12/04/2009 14:32:12
Retaining wall
12/04/2009 14:32:31
Discarded shower enclosure?
12/04/2009 14:33:06
Boarded-up houses on John Street north of ROW
12/04/2009 14:11:28
Old and new residences on Morningstar Road
12/04/2009 14:15:14
Lasalle Street headed north to the east of the Bridge

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