Williamsburg Bridge

Opened: December 19, 1903

Architect: Leffert L. Buck, Henry Hornbostel, Gustav Lindenthal

The Williamsburg Bridge connects Manhattan and Brooklyn at Delancy Street. The design includes a 1,600-foot main suspension span and two 300-foot side spans supported by steel arches. The total length with approaches is 7,200 feet. The original configuration included 6 rail tracks, four lanes of vehicular traffic and two pedestrian walkways. The current configuration includes six lanes of traffic, the J/M/Z subway lines and a single pedestrian walkway.

03/14/2005 17:22:36
View of East tower
03/14/2005 17:27:03
Closeup of West tower
03/14/2005 17:27:30
View from the Southwest
03/14/2005 17:31:48
Under the West approach
03/14/2005 17:31:59
Under the West approach
03/14/2005 17:32:45
Closeup of building on the approach
03/14/2005 17:33:19
West approach
03/14/2005 17:33:53
West pier
03/14/2005 17:34:12
West approach
03/14/2005 17:44:00
Pedestrian walkway
03/14/2005 17:47:01
Rush hour traffic
08/22/2008 17:34:53
Viewed from the south under the Manhattan Bridge

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