Willis Avenue Bridge

Opened: August 22, 1901

Architect: Thomas C. Clarke

The Willis Avenue Bridge connects First Avenue in Manhattan at 126th Street with Willis Avenue in The Bronx. The bridge features a 304-foot rim-bearing continuous-truss swing span carrying a 42-foot-wide roadway for four lanes of northbound traffic and two 9-foot-wide sidewalks. A fixed-curve truss span north of the swing span crosses the Harlem River freight terminal yard. The bridge was designed by Thomas C. Clarke, who also designed the Third Avenue Bridge.

03/12/2005 14:20:18
View from the South
03/12/2005 14:21:05
Western approach
03/12/2005 14:24:00
Western approach
03/12/2005 14:27:12
View from the West
03/12/2005 14:27:46
The roadway