Washington Bridge

Architect: C.C. Schneider

The Washington Bridge (not to be confused with the George Washington Bridge) connects Manhattan and the Bronx at 181st street. It is a steel-arch bridge with two 510-foot-long main spans and masonry approaches. The bridge opened to pedestrian traffic on December 1, 1888 and had a formal opening on February 22, 1889 (Washington's birthday), although full opening was delayed until December 1889.

03/12/2005 16:43:39
View from the Southwest
03/12/2005 17:04:56
Washington Bridge
03/12/2005 17:39:16
Sunset view from the North
03/12/2005 16:47:47
Stone arch on the west bank
03/12/2005 16:46:59
Stone arch on the west bank
03/12/2005 16:48:08
View from the West
03/12/2005 16:48:53
Stair on North side up to street level
03/12/2005 16:49:28
Stair on the North side down to Harlem River Drive
03/12/2005 16:49:35
View from the Northwest
03/12/2005 16:52:47
Nasty effluent from a drain

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