Ward's Island Foot Bridge

The Ward's Island Foot Bridge connected the residents of East Harlem at 103rd Street with the city parks on Ward's Island. The 302-foot lift span opened in 1951 carrying a single 12-foot-wide pedestrian walkway over the East River. The bridge was closed for renovation of the lift mechanism when I first visited in 2005.

03/12/2005 13:28:44
View from the South
03/12/2005 13:46:39
Walkway over the East Side Highway
03/12/2005 13:48:20
Draw span
03/12/2005 13:49:11
Steel gate barring access prior to renovation
07/02/2008 21:04:01
Ferile cat living by the east approach
07/02/2008 21:04:53
East tower viewed from the east approach at sunset
07/02/2008 21:05:59
Upper East Side viewed from Wards Island Footbridge at sunset
07/02/2008 21:11:33
East Side Drive
07/02/2008 21:14:51
West approach switchback walkways at dark

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