The Gowanus Canal: Union Street / President Street

The Union Street Bridge (NYC BIN #2240270) is a double-leaf Scherzer rolling lift bascule bridge that opened in 1904. The bridge carries two 17-foot-wide eastbound landes and two six-foot-wide sidewalks over the Gowanus Canal. It replaced a narrow 17-foot-wide pipe truss swing bridge and was built under the same contract with the replacement Third and Ninth Street Bridges.

The Satori Condos at 340 Bond (btw President and Carroll Sts) are a pleasant example of about the best you can expect from gentrification. Tastefully in context with the other low-rise historic buildings in the neighborhood, it is more than can be expected from the steroidal luxury glass towers that will probably rise along the canal at some point.

11/19/2008 14:22:22
Looking west toward the Union St. Bridge
11/19/2008 14:23:43
Union Street Bridge deck viewed from the southeast
11/19/2008 14:32:29
Union Street Bridge viewed from the south
11/19/2008 14:28:30
Maritime themed flagpole - Union at Nevins St
11/19/2008 14:50:05
Green building - Bond at Union Sts
11/19/2008 14:50:29
Green building
11/19/2008 14:51:03
Residential building - Bond at Union Sts
11/19/2008 14:51:14
Bond Street north of Union
11/19/2008 14:51:32
Bond Street north of Union
11/19/2008 14:29:55
Crusader Candle - Nevins at President St
11/19/2008 14:30:24
Old row houses off Carroll Street at Nevins
11/19/2008 14:49:44
Gallagher and Company - 426 President at Bond
11/19/2008 14:40:17
Satori Condos
11/19/2008 14:48:27
Satori Condos
11/19/2008 14:48:49
Satori Condos

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