Roosevelt Avenue Station

The rail line was rebuilt as it meanders around the Brooklyn-Queens expressway between Roosevelt Avenue and Northern Boulevard, probably as part of upgrades to the expressway.

Unfortunately, the line is a couple of blocks west of the Roosevelt Avenue, Jackson Heights Station where the IND Queens Boulevard (G/R/V trains) and the elevated IRT Flushing Line (#7 train) meet in a big, messy station. But transfer to those lines here would be almost indispensible here, meaning a long pedestrian tunnel would need to be dug. At least, there's plenty of space beside the tracks for platforms.

Another potential station site is at 73rd street a few blocks north of the Roosevelt Avenue Station. It might be possible to make a cleaner connection here to the IND Queens Boulevard Line (G/R/V trains), which passes under the NYCRR before heading under the BQE. There is some space here for platforms and a modest station house.

06/13/2008 20:23:06
Track south of Roosevelt Avenue beside the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway
07/18/2008 20:20:19
Construction on Roosevelt Blvd. bridge over tracks
07/18/2008 20:19:59
Tracks headed north from Roosevelt Boulevard.
07/18/2008 20:16:56
Roosevelt Avenue Station
07/18/2008 20:16:05
IRT Flushing Line (#7 train) over 73rd Street
06/13/2008 21:42:03
74th Street north of the Roosevelt Avenue #7 subway station by night

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