Bowery Bay Junction

Starting at 32nd Avenue many of the two-lane streets are crossed with concrete arch bridges. Some of the arches are in pretty dire shape.

The NYCCRR splits into two branches at Bowery Bay Junction around 28th Street in Astoria. The western branch heads into Sunnyside Yards and Penn station. The eastern branch is the one we've been following that heads south to connect with the Bay Ridge Line at the Fresh Pond Yards.

Boulevard Gardens is a 963-unit complex designed by T.H. Engelhardt in 1933 in concert with landscape architect C.N. Lowrie. The complex was built as part of Roosevelt's New Deal initiative and opened in 1935. When I visited in 2008 it was run as a Co-Op.

28th Avenue might be a good place for a station before the line has to deal with additional Amtrak traffic coming from Penn Station. There is plenty of surrounding right-of-way for platforms. It is, however, a bit close to the IND Queens Boulevard (G/R/V trains) and if the objective is adding access to underserved areas, placement of a station a bit further north might be preferable.

07/18/2008 20:13:17
37th Avenue bridge over the tracks and the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway
07/18/2008 20:12:54
Tracks from the south headed under 73rd Street
07/18/2008 20:11:19
Tracks exiting from under 73rd Street Bridge
07/18/2008 20:10:17
Tracks headed north from 73rd Street Bridge - great spot for a station
07/18/2008 20:09:36
Sitting area on 73rd Street Bridge
07/18/2008 20:08:46
73rd Street Bridge over the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway
07/18/2008 20:08:10
The Brooklyn-Queens Expressway
07/18/2008 20:06:21
IND Queens Boulevard (G/R/V trains) 65th Street Station
07/18/2008 20:00:20
Rail line and BQE crossing over 34th Avenue
07/18/2008 19:58:36
Rail line south of 34th Avenue
07/18/2008 19:56:34
Rail bridge over Northern Boulevard
07/18/2008 19:56:13
Rail bridge over Northern Boulevard
07/18/2008 19:55:46
Northern approach to Northern Boulevard bridge
07/18/2008 19:51:02
32nd Avenue bridge
07/18/2008 19:50:28
Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Church
07/18/2008 19:49:20
Corpus Christi Roman Catholic Church
07/18/2008 19:47:23
31st Avenue bridge (western branch to Fresh Ponds Yards)
07/18/2008 19:47:03
31st Avenue bridge
07/18/2008 19:47:47
BIN 7705010
07/18/2008 19:43:44
31st Avenue Bridge (eastern branch to Sunnyside Yards)
07/18/2008 19:44:02
31st Avenue Bridge
07/18/2008 19:40:38
Boulevard Gardens
07/18/2008 19:39:57
Boulevard Gardens
07/18/2008 19:37:00
28th Avenue terminating at the right-of-way
07/18/2008 19:36:41
Low-rise row houses on 56th Place
07/18/2008 19:34:10
Apartments on 50th Street
07/18/2008 19:34:00
Apartments on 50th Street
07/18/2008 19:33:55
Catenary wires south of 50th Street
07/18/2008 19:33:04
50th Street Bridge
07/18/2008 19:31:41
Row houses on Hobart Street
07/18/2008 19:31:18
Triangular lot between 50th street and Hobart Street west of 28th Avenue

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