Midwood, Brooklyn

The LIRR Bay Ridge Line continues to the northwest in a trench running through Midwood.

McDonald Avenue / Avenue I Station: The tracks cross under McDonald Avenue, which at this point hosts the elevated BMT Culver Line (F train). At the time the original Bay Ridge Line was built, McDonald Avenue was called Gravesend Avenue and the Parkville station was located here.

The 2006 Hagstrom street map I have still indicates a spur of some kind extending to the southeast of the Bay Ridge Line and, presumably, into whatever was in this area before it became a ShopRite grocery store. The large, decrepit concrete building to the south of the ShopRite certainly looks like it had an industrial past and whatever the ShopRite was before the facade modifications may have been industrial as well. However, I found no trace of the spur in the pedestrian passage between the dead end of 19th Avenue and the retail area, and whatever cut was there may have been filled in - unless there's a hidden tunnel?)

This intersection presents some challenges for direct transfer between lines as the Bay Ridge Line passes a few hundred feet north of the end of the platform for the Avenue I elevated station. One suggestion from the RPA's 1996 proposal is to construct a tunnel down McDonald Avenue to replace the slow-moving elevated track. The Avenue I station would then, presumably, be integrated with the rail-line station. As much as the businesses and residents of the area would probably like a tunnel (but reject it because of the street disruptions needed for its construction), the costs and complexity of such a modification (whether deep-bore or cut-and-cover) would only add an additional obstacle to getting anything built.

07/10/2008 16:44:31
51st Street cut by the rail right-of-way
07/10/2008 16:45:44
19th Avenue cut by the rail right-of-way
07/10/2008 16:46:17
50th Street bridge over tracks - note unusual separation of sidewalks from the street
07/10/2008 16:46:37
50th Street bridge over tracks
07/10/2008 16:47:24
Pedestrian passage near the tracks at the end of 19th Avenue
07/10/2008 16:47:40
Pedestrian passage near the tracks at the end of 19th Avenue
07/10/2008 17:11:18
Rail line near the pedestrian passage (near the old rail spur?)
07/10/2008 16:48:00
Truck dock for the ShopRite
07/10/2008 17:14:03
ShopRite parking lot (location of old rail spur?)
07/10/2008 16:48:14
Decrepit industrial building (south of old rail spur?)
07/10/2008 16:48:47
Decrepit industrial building
07/10/2008 17:12:58
Decrepit industrial building
07/10/2008 17:05:22
Demolition permits
07/10/2008 17:05:56
South side of industrial building
07/10/2008 16:50:14
Culver Line down McDonald Avenue
07/10/2008 16:50:28
07/10/2008 16:51:24
Avenue I station
07/10/2008 16:52:00
Avenue I station stairway
07/10/2008 16:52:55
Culver Line running north on McDonald Avenue over the freight line bridge
07/10/2008 16:54:16
Freight line running behind ShopRite
07/10/2008 16:54:50
McDonald Avenue bridge supporting some kind of duct or pipeline
07/10/2008 16:56:57
Engine 250 Station - 126 Elmwood
07/10/2008 17:20:47
Older single-family homes on Avenue I at 2nd Street
07/10/2008 17:23:54
East 3rd Street bridge over tracks north of Elmwood Avenue
07/10/2008 17:25:11
Large contemporary apartment building on Elmwood Avenue
07/10/2008 17:26:25
Contemporary row McMansions in the shadow of the 70s-era Marien-Heim Tower
07/10/2008 17:34:33
Marien-Heim Tower
07/10/2008 17:27:05
Old apartment building on Elmwood Avenue
07/10/2008 17:27:13
Fountains seem like a good idea, until you don't care enough to maintain them
07/10/2008 17:28:19
Ocean Parkway
07/10/2008 17:28:41
Benches beside Ocean Parkway
07/10/2008 17:29:16
Tracks leading up to Ocean Parkway Bridge
07/10/2008 17:29:40
Detail of retaining wall near Ocean Parkway Bridge
07/10/2008 17:30:23
Ocean Parkway
07/10/2008 17:36:53
McMansion on Avenue I east of Ocean Parkway
07/10/2008 17:37:07
McMansion under construction
07/10/2008 17:37:29
New McMansion beside old McMansion
07/10/2008 17:38:18
07/10/2008 17:38:33
07/10/2008 17:40:55
Street of McMansions dead-ending into the railroad track
07/10/2008 17:41:58
Old Synagogue on Coney Island Avenue
07/10/2008 17:43:46
Old Synagogue on Coney Island Avenue
07/10/2008 17:47:59
Guess he didn't have the money to finish the renovation

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