Avenue H Station, Flatbush, Brooklyn

As Midwood becomes Flatbush east of the station (literally, on the other side of the tracks), the neighborhood becomes less Jewish and more African-American - and less affluent.

The LIRR Bay Ridge Line continues to the northeast in a trench through Flatbush.

Avenue H is cut by the BMT Brighton Line (Q train) between East 15th and East 16th streets. The subway line runs slightly above grade and passes over the freight tracks at the south end of the platform. The subway station house opened in 8/23/1907 and dates to upgrades on the line after the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company had consolidated ownership of most rail, el, and streetcar lines in Brooklyn.

07/10/2008 17:49:09
East 14th Street bridge over railroad tracks
07/10/2008 17:49:44
Rail tracks running under East 14th Street bridge
07/10/2008 17:51:09
Woodcrest Apartments - Art Deco Splendor on East 14th Street at Avenue H
07/10/2008 17:52:58
Woodcrest Apartments
07/10/2008 17:52:39
Big old houses on East 14th Street north of Avenue H
07/10/2008 17:54:57
East 14th street cut by rail line
07/10/2008 17:55:33
Pedestrian bridge over rail line
07/10/2008 17:55:57
Abandoned building by rail line (future station house?)
07/10/2008 17:56:23
BMT Brighton Line tracks running over the freight line
07/10/2008 17:54:14
Pedestrian underpass under the subway tracks to get to the station
07/10/2008 17:58:06
Pedestrian underpass
07/10/2008 17:59:15
Avenue H station
07/10/2008 17:58:43
Damage to Avenue H station
07/10/2008 18:01:04
Flatbush Malls - East 17th Street
07/10/2008 18:01:48
Old house on Avenue H

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