Albany Avenue Station, East Flatbush, Brooklyn

As the Bay Ridge Line moves further east in East Flatbush and away from subway lines, the character of the area surrounding the tracks becomes considerably more industrial.

Avenue H has an industrial patch here as you head farther east from Nostrand Avenue, although there are still plenty of folks living off the avenue on the side streets. This intersection with the tracks has some irregular lots that might make good locations for a station house, although it may be a bit too close to the Flatbush Avenue station to be justifiable.

07/16/2008 13:26:02
Avenue H becoming less residential
07/16/2008 13:26:19
Vacant lot adjacent to track trench
07/16/2008 13:26:56
Albany Avenue bridge (BIN 2243530) over tracks
07/16/2008 13:27:28
Tracks approaching Albany Avenue
07/16/2008 13:27:51
Beginning of the car repair places - Engine Kings, 4011 Ave. H
07/16/2008 13:28:46
Albany Avenue bridge over tracks
07/16/2008 13:29:13
Irregular lot near where tracks cross under Avenue H
07/16/2008 13:30:00
Tracks heading northwest
07/16/2008 13:30:17
Cranes beside the track
07/16/2008 13:31:23
Tracks running north of Avenue H
07/16/2008 13:33:20
Metal salvage yard off Avenue H
07/16/2008 13:34:10
Rear of homes on the other side of the Avenue from the salvage yard
07/16/2008 13:35:28
The cranes near the track
07/16/2008 13:37:15
East 45th Street dead ends into tracks
07/16/2008 13:36:29
Older single-family homes on Glendale Court
07/16/2008 13:37:37
Older single-family homes on Glendale Court
07/16/2008 13:38:40
Older single-family homes on Glendale Court
07/16/2008 13:40:05
Row houses on Schenectady Avenue

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