East 42nd Street, Brooklyn

The Bay Ridge Line goes elevated between East 42nd Street and East 46th Street with the first road crossing at Glenwood Road. It will stay elevated until East New York.

07/16/2008 13:45:41
Car lot beside west approach to the bridge
07/16/2008 13:41:54
Bridge over Glenwood Road looking west
07/16/2008 13:42:16
Bridge over Glenwood Road
07/16/2008 13:43:54
Bridge over Glenwood Road looking east
07/16/2008 13:44:19
Under the Glenwood Road bridge
07/16/2008 13:44:37
Detail of old phone wires and insulator
07/16/2008 13:45:02
Phone wires emerging on east side of bridge
07/16/2008 13:45:13
East side of bridge with old wooden conduit
07/16/2008 13:48:01
PS 109 - East 46th Street
07/16/2008 13:49:19
Lots of auto repair shops
07/16/2008 13:49:26
Isolated older home on East 46th Street
07/16/2008 13:50:43
Laundry drying off Farragut Road
07/16/2008 13:51:04
Older multi-family homes off Farragut Road
07/16/2008 13:51:20
Schenectady Avenue dead ending into tracks
07/16/2008 13:52:27
Row houses and single-family homes off Farragut

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