Mason Stable / Dakota Stable

342 Amsterdam (between 76th and 77th Streets)

Opened: 1894

Architect: Bradford Gilbert (1853-1911)

This stable was commissioned by real estate investor Edmund Coffin, Jr. (1844-1929). The design combined Romanesque Revival and Dutch Renaissance Revival elements, and used color and texture rather than ornamentation to provide character. In 1912 it was renamed the Dakota Stables and modified for use as an automobile garage. It was renamed the Pyramid Garage in the 1950s (LPC 2006b).

This Dakota Stables should not be confused with a previous Dakota Stables that is listed in the 1907 City Directory at 210 West 75th Street. That building was demolished in 1911 and ultimately replaced by the Beacon Theatre and Hotel (Gray 1987).

The layout was notable in that it wrapped around the buildings on the corner of 76th street, giving it entrances on 76th Street, 77th Street and Amsterdam. In a common developer tactic, the final owner stripped much of the historic detailing while the building was under consideration for landmark status and, thus, removing the reason for protecting it (Lueck 2006). It was demolished in 2007 and replaced by The Harrison, a pleasant but conventional luxury dormitory for rich people.

01/02/2007 16:31:46
W side Amsterdam btw 76th and 77th St
01/02/2007 16:32:12
207 West 76th
01/02/2007 16:35:24
342 Amsterdam
01/02/2007 16:35:50
Mason Stables prior to demolition
01/02/2007 16:39:17
Mason Stables interior
05/01/2007 12:19:11
Mason Stables and 342 Amsterdam demolition
05/01/2007 12:22:40
Mason Stables demolition
07/28/2009 09:29:00
The Harrison, 205 West 76th St

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