Archie Bunker's House

This row house was featured in the opening credits of the 1970s television show All in the Family. The credits begin with Archie and Edith singing "Those Were The Days", followed by an aerial shot of Manhattan, an aerial shot of Queens, and a panning shot down streets of row houses before settling on this otherwise undistinguished working-class abode. The house sits on a busy, tree-lined avenue across from St. John's Cemetery. It's actually a bit tough to photograph nicely since the house faces north (away from the sunlight) and is shaded by trees (which, notably, are mere saplings in the program opening credits).

The Bunker family was, of course, fictitious and, officially, lived at 704 Hauser Street, a street that does not exist in New York City. But the characters and themes of the program certainly suited this neghborhood in the 1970s as it was undergoing a demographic transformation. When I asked a woman entering the house next door whether this was the Archie Bunker house, she responded that she did not speak English, something Archie would have seized upon with relish as a validation of his fears of the decline of Western civilization.

The fictional address was the setting for a 1994 TV series titled 704 Hauser, which explored the racial and political complexities of an African-American family that moved into Archie Bunker's old house. on this house

YouTube of the opening credits

Another, earlier photo of the house

06/13/2008 18:07:43
Archie Bunker's House, 89-70 Cooper Avenue
House in opening credits
06/13/2008 18:02:56
Looking east down Cooper Avenue
06/13/2008 18:05:45
Front door step
06/13/2008 18:06:19
Front of house
06/13/2008 18:06:30
Front of house
06/13/2008 18:09:18
Looking east down the sidewalk
06/13/2008 18:09:50
St. John's Cemetery - across Cooper Avenue
06/13/2008 18:03:54
More houses next door - also featured in the credits
06/13/2008 18:01:48
Closed gas station around the corner

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