Howard Johnson, Los Angeles

603 South New Hampshire Avenue

Los Angeles, CA

My motel was the Howard Johnson Los Angeles. While not particularly fashionable and somewhat fearsome looking on Google Maps, it was comparatively clean, seemingly safe, reasonably-priced, and perfectly located.

The motel had the benefit of being around the corner from an inexpensive Chinese place and there are numerous fast-food options to the east on Vermont. The Korean places in adjacent Koreatown tend to be pricey, and the one Korean barbecue I tried to visit would only take parties of two or more. That's my people.

04/08/2013 10:25:38
Wilshire Vermont Red Line Station
04/08/2013 10:26:02
Transit-oriented development
04/08/2013 10:30:04
Howard Johnson, Los Angeles
04/08/2013 10:33:54
Howard Johnson, Los Angeles
04/14/2013 11:20:40
Front desk
04/14/2013 10:45:52
Howard Johnson
04/14/2013 10:58:28
Waffle machine
04/14/2013 10:58:40
Continental breakfast
04/13/2013 22:23:26
South Berendo Street after dark
04/13/2013 22:25:42
525 South Berendo
04/14/2013 11:22:50
Chinese house
04/13/2013 21:43:58
Kim Chee
04/13/2013 21:46:34
04/13/2013 21:51:44
Kung Pao Chicken
04/11/2013 19:34:04
Castle II - all you can eat if there are two of you
04/11/2013 20:16:54
Spoon and Chopsticks
04/11/2013 20:02:18
Spoon and Chopsticks