Arriving Chicago Union Station

Chicago, IL

Most of Amtrak's Midwestern routes terminate at Chicago's Union Station, providing a nice view of Chicago's past and current infrastructure along the way.

Periodically, you might see a private rail car attached to the end of an Amtrak train.

The Tioga Pass was built in 1959 for the Mountain Region Vice President of the Canadian National railroad. After a winding journey through dereliction, it ended up as one of a group of vintage cars that can be chartered from L.A. Rail.

3301 Royal Street was a streamline bedroom-buffet-lounge observation car built by Pullman-Standard and delivered in the Spring of 1950. It is operated by American Rail Excursions.

12/28/2010 15:55:06
Entering Chicago
12/28/2010 15:57:18
Canal St. Bridge at West Cermack
12/28/2010 15:58:16
Canal St. Bridge
12/28/2010 15:59:26
Amtrak Locomotive Shop
12/28/2010 16:00:08
The South Loop
10/09/2010 13:43:54
Tracks leading into Union Station
10/09/2010 13:44:56
Arriving Chicago Union Station
12/16/2010 16:11:58
Tioga Pass
12/16/2010 16:12:04
Tioga Pass
01/11/2011 15:25:10
Royal Street
01/11/2011 15:25:24
Royal Street
01/11/2011 15:25:52
Royal Street
01/11/2011 15:26:18
Royal Street

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