Chicago Union Station Great Hall

Chicago, IL

Although the Great Hall waiting room was preserved, the configuration of the new station makes it a largely useless appendage whose primary civic virtue is as an event facility.

The two statues high on the east wall of the Great Hall symbolize the 24-hour nature of passenger railroads. One holds a rooster (Day) and the other an owl (Night).

12/28/2010 16:12:20
Entering Union Station (video) (video)
12/28/2010 16:17:44
Entering the Great Hall (video) (video)
10/24/2005 15:49:31
The Great Hall
10/24/2005 15:49:59
The Great Hall
03/24/2011 14:02:52
Event tables
03/25/2011 18:57:24
03/25/2011 18:57:46

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