Office 365 at the University of Illinois

Students and faculty at many educational institutions, including the University of Illinois, automatically have access to Microsoft Office 365, which provides a set of a cloud-based web apps and storage services that are analogous to and compatible with Microsoft Office desktop software like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

If you are familiar with Microsoft Office software, the web versions have a user interface and set of features that you should be able to master on your own with a minimal learning curve.

This tutorial gives a basic introduction to a handful of Office 365 functions that may be of value to you for working on class assignments.

Logging In

You log in to Office 365 at

You will normally log in to a school-provided (enterprise) account using your school e-mail address and the password you use to log in to other school services.

Upon successful login, you will see a home page that allows you to access Office 365 web apps.

Logging in to Office 365

Creating a New Word Document

On the home page, you can create a new Word document by selecting Start new -> Document.

Starting a new Word document

Pasting a Screenshot Into a Word Document

On a Windows machine, you can take a screenshot by pressing the PrtSc (print screen) button (usually in the top right row of your keyboard) and then press Ctrl + V to paste the screenshot into your document.

On Mac, you press the Shift, Command, and 3 keys together. This will save a PNG file on your desktop that you can insert into your document. On the MacOS Mohave release or later, Shift, Command, and 5 will open a screenshots app.

Inserting a screenshot into a Word document

Sharing a Word Document

Because this document is saved on OneDrive (cloud storage), you can share this document with a shared link. Click the Share button, select Copy Link, and Copy the link.

By default, the link you share will allow the recipient to edit the document.

If you only want them to be able to read the document without changing it, click the Share button, click Anyone with the link can edit, uncheck the Allow editing button, Apply, Copy Link, and Copy the read-only link.

Sharing a Word document

Uploading and Sharing a Document on OneDrive

If you have a file of any kind (Word document, Excel spreadsheet, PDF file, ZIP file, etc.) you can upload it to OneDrive and get a shared link.

As with Word documents, the link can be read-only, or you can allow people to edit the document if you are collaborating with them.

Sharing in OneDrive

Creating a New Folder in One Drive

As on your local computer, you can create folders in OneDrive to keep related files together.

Creating a new folder in OneDrive

Annotating an Image in PowerPoint Online

If the image you wish to annotate is available as an image file (JPEG, PNG, GIF), you can insert it directly. This is the best option because it preserves resolution and makes it possible to zoom in and see more detail.

Annotating an image in PowerPoint Online

If you are annotating an image from a PDF file and you do not have software (like Photoshop or GIMP) that can convert the PDF into an image, you can create a screenshot (by pressing the Print Screen key), paste it into your slide (by pressing CTRL-V), and crop it. However, this limits the resolution of the image to the resolution of your screen, so the image will be fuzzy and have limited detail of small text and features.

Annotating an screenshot in PowerPoint Online