Creating a Point Map From a CSV File in R

The CSV file in this example is HERE...

# Load the SimpleFeatures library

# Read the CSV file with latitudes and longitudes
data = read.csv("2016-cracker-barrel.csv",

# Convert lat/long to simple features points
points = st_as_sf(data, coords = c("LONGITUDE", "LATITUDE"), crs = 4326)

# Simple x/y plot of the points
plot(st_geometry(points), pch=16, col="navy")

# Optional save the points to a GeoJSON file for later use
st_write(points, dsn="cracker-barrel.geojson")
Decontextualized points

Since points by themselves usually don't give much context for where they are located, it may be helpful to plot them over an OpenStreetMap base map.

# Load the OpenStreetMap Library

# Get the outer corners of the points and pad 0.2 degrees
bbox = st_bbox(restaurants)
padding = 0.2
upperLeft = c(bbox$ymax + padding, bbox$xmin - padding)
lowerRight = c(bbox$ymin - padding, bbox$xmax + padding)

# Get the base map tiles (this can be slow)
base_map  = openmap(upperLeft, lowerRight, type="osm")

# Plot the base map

# Transform the points to the OSM projection
points = st_transform(points, osm()@projargs)

# Plot the points on top of the base map
plot(st_geometry(points), pch=16, col="navy", cex=2, add=T)
Cracker Barrel restaurants in St. Louis, MO