Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a videoconferencing web app available as a tool in the Blackboard course management system.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to join course rooms and perform basic actions.

Joining a Course Room (Student or Instructor)

A Course Room is a place where instructors and multiple students can hold audio/video conferences.

Joining a Course Room From a Blackboard Course Page

Joining a Session With a Link (Student or Guest)

You can also join a course room session if the instructor provides you with a link.

Joining a Course Room With a Link

Sharing a Screen (Student or Instructor)

You can share your screen with the course room so the instructor can see your work or diagnose problems.

If you do not see the option to share your screen, ask your instructor to send you a link where you can be a Presenter.

Sharing Your Screen With The Course Room

Leaving a Session

Leaving a Session

Sharing a Session Link (Instructor)

If you are an instructor, you can get a URL link to your course room that you can share with students or guests who are not in your class.

Sharing a Session Link