Trinity Railway Express

Dallas / Fort Worth, TX

During a trip through Dallas in 2010, I explored some of the new rail transit infrastructure there. My journey began with a rental car dropoff at DFW airport and a ride on the Trinity Railway Express into downtown Dallas' Union Station. The TRE opened in 1996 as the first commuter rail line in the southwest, with service from Irving to Union Station. Service was expanded west to Fort Worth in 2001. The TRE provides service to DFW through the CenterPort station, which marks the junction between the Dallas Area Rapid Transit and the Fort Worth Transportation Authority. During off-peak hours, TRE uses Budd Rail Diesel Cars (RDC) that date from the 1950s.

Despite the appearances, using the TRE to get to or from the airport is surprisingly difficult. It's prime mission is as a commuter line (on freight rail tracks) and attempting to construct a new routing through the airport was likely considered much too expensive, if it was even considered at all. The rail line is about six miles south of DFW and getting to the station requires about 30 minutes total travel time on three separate buses: a shuttle from the rental car facility to a terminal, a bus from the terminal to the Remote South parking center, and then a bus from Remote South to the station. In addition, trains run at 90-minute intervals on weekday afternoons, adding considerable waiting time on an unenclosed platform unless you happen to be extremely lucky in your scheduling. The train itself requires about 30 minutes into downtown Dallas. While it's hard to beat the $3.50 fare, if your time is even remotely valuable, you are probably better off taking a SuperShuttle van or a taxi.

12/27/2010 14:00:00
The last of three buses needed to get to TRE station
12/27/2010 14:00:16
CentrePort Station
12/27/2010 14:00:32
Looking West to Ft. Worth
12/27/2010 14:01:00
Looking East to Dallas
12/27/2010 14:01:08
Bike stands for commuters
12/27/2010 14:01:16
Lots of commuter parking
12/27/2010 14:01:50
Waiting in the cold
12/27/2010 14:05:36
Looking East towards Dallas
12/27/2010 14:05:52
12/27/2010 14:06:24
12/27/2010 14:08:54
Looking West towards Ft. Worth
12/27/2010 14:04:44
Crossing warning on track
12/27/2010 14:05:46
Concrete ties
12/27/2010 14:09:38
High quality 136 lb. rail
12/27/2010 14:10:10
Installed 2008
12/27/2010 14:10:56
Trinity Railway Express
12/27/2010 14:13:12
Station paved by a contractor from Sulphur, LA?!
12/27/2010 14:13:46
Ticket vending machines
12/27/2010 14:40:12
TRE arriving at CentrePoint Station (video) (video)
12/27/2010 14:41:16
Boarding the TRE
12/27/2010 14:43:30
Standard commuter car layout
12/27/2010 14:47:20
Parking in Irving
12/27/2010 14:47:24
Empty lot in Irving
12/27/2010 14:53:18
Track maintenance equipment
12/27/2010 14:59:16
183 / I-35 split
12/27/2010 15:00:38
Southwestern Medical Center
12/27/2010 15:02:54
Children's Medical Center
12/27/2010 15:04:42
Coors waterfall
12/27/2010 15:05:50
Victory Station / American Airlines Center
12/27/2010 15:07:18
12/27/2010 15:07:26
American Airlines Center (Dallas Mavericks)
12/27/2010 15:07:34
Downtown Dallas
12/27/2010 15:07:58
Downtown Dallas
12/27/2010 15:08:36
Downtown Dallas / old switching tower
12/27/2010 15:08:58
Dealy Plaza
12/27/2010 15:11:20