Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)

Dallas, TX

DART light rail began serving Union Station in 1996, significantly increasing station usage. Auto-centric and politically conservative Dallas is an improbable place for rail transit and numerous transit initiatives were defeated during my time there. Some mysterious force has been driving a remarkable expansion of the system over the past 15 years. Having a few minutes downtown on an Amtrak layover, I decided to hop on the Red Line and visit my old haunts at Mockingbird Lane.

Although I didn't have time to explore the old neighborhood, it was clear just by walking to street level that the area had been completely redeveloped since I'd lived there 20 years before. The lovely old Art Deco Dr. Pepper plant had been replaced with dense condos. Progress? Certainly, but I do miss the interesting moments and people that were once there.

12/27/2010 16:08:26
Light Rail
12/27/2010 16:08:00
Articulated truck with track brakes
12/27/2010 16:10:18
Arriving at the station
12/27/2010 16:10:22
Arriving at the station
12/27/2010 16:11:50
Riding the train
12/27/2010 16:16:08
Akard Station
12/27/2010 16:20:00
Junction at Bryan St. and North Central Expressway
12/27/2010 16:20:04
12/27/2010 16:20:22
The Arts District and Guadalupe Cathedral
12/27/2010 16:26:44
Mockingbird Lane Station
12/27/2010 16:32:28
Mockingbird Lane Station
12/27/2010 16:28:08
Red Line / Blue Line split
12/27/2010 16:29:58
12/27/2010 16:30:08
The Merrill Lynch building
12/27/2010 16:31:26
12/27/2010 16:32:14
Portal into tunnel under North Central Expressway
12/27/2010 16:39:08
Blue Line train arrives at Mockingbird Station (video)
12/27/2010 16:47:12
The homeless are still there in downtown
12/27/2010 16:48:06
Ridin the train
12/27/2010 16:55:50
Old signalling tower
12/27/2010 16:56:06
Dealey Plaza

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