Green-Wood Cemetery: Entrance

The Gothic Revival main entrance gate building was designed by Richard M. Upjohn and built in 1861 with Bellville brownstone. The gateways feature sculptured groups designed by John M. Moffitt that depict biblical scenes. The center spire is home to a group of monk parakeets that are descended from South American birds that escaped their cages in the 1960s from Idlewild Airport (now JFK) a few miles to the southeast.

Green-Wood Cemetery
10/15/2008 14:25:55
Main entrance off Fifth Avenue
10/15/2008 14:27:00
Main entrance gate building
10/15/2008 17:19:58
East side, Fifth Avenue gate building
10/31/2008 14:02:51
Main entrance gate building (viewed from the east)
10/31/2008 14:04:47
Main entrance gate building (viewed from the east)
10/15/2008 17:20:34
Parrot nests
10/15/2008 17:21:02
City Landmark marker on main entrance gate building
12/18/2008 16:19:51
National Historic Landmark marker near front gate

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