Saint Cornelius Chapel

This English Gothic style Episcopal chapel was built under the leadership of Reverend Edmund Banks Smith and dedicated in 1906. It is names after St. Cornelius the Centurion, an early convert to Christianity. Trinity Church sponsored the church as part of its parish, although the facility was made available for services by other denominations.

07/31/2010 15:49:20
St. Cornelius Chapel
07/31/2010 15:49:58
St. Cornelius Chapel historic sign
07/31/2010 15:50:56
Carillon chimes dedication plaque
07/31/2010 15:51:14
Chapel interior
07/31/2010 15:51:36
07/31/2010 15:51:50
Baptismal font
07/31/2010 15:52:40
Chapel interior
07/31/2010 15:53:08
St. Michael window
07/31/2010 15:54:26
Chapel viewed from the south

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