Brooklyn Botanical Garden

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden is a 52-acre oasis in the northeast corner of Prospect Park. The garden was founded in 1910 and features more than 10,000 different plants from around the world.

I visited on May 4, 2007 and snapped these photos. The order approximates the self-guided walking tour pamphlet, which also provides the heading numbers. Guided tours are offered once a day during the spring and summer.

Eastern Parkway Gate
Osborne Garden (13)
Visitor Center (1)
Daffodil Hill (2)
Fragrance Garden (3)
Shakespeare Garden (4)
Celebrity Path (5)
Alfred T. White Memorial (6)
Japanese Hill-and-Pond Garden (7)
Herb Garden (8)
Tree Peony Collection (9)
Cherry Walk and Cherry Esplanade (10/11/14)
Native Flora Garden (15)
Home Composting Exhibit (16)
Cranford Rose Garden (17)
Bluebell Wood (18)
Confiers (19)
Monocot Border (20)
Rock Garden (22)
Steinhardt Conservatory (23)
Lily Pool Terrace (24)
Annual Border (26)
Discovery Garden (27)
Children's Garden (28)

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