Subway Trouble (13 December 2008)

I was running a bit late on this brisk December morning and decided to take the subway rather than walk to work. I felt fortunate to have caught the IRT #2 express train at 72nd Street and everything was fine until we got to around 50th Street. After waiting for a few minutes, the conductor announced that there was a stalled train at Times Square due to a police action and that we would be moving as soon as the other train cleared the platform. After about 20 minutes, a decision was made to back the train up on the express track to 72nd Street, where we could transfer to a local.

I captured some moments from that all-too-familiar experience to explain to my boss why I didn't call in late - and I thought I'd share.

12/13/2008 09:28:12
Video of the train backing into 72nd St...and waiting... (video)
12/13/2008 09:16:38
Waiting for progress
12/13/2008 09:30:11
Two express trains nose to toes at 72nd St
12/13/2008 09:30:15
Express trains
12/13/2008 09:40:05
Police at 42nd St

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