The trip had two layovers, Hawaii and Tokyo. We stayed in Japan 4-5 October 1967 for some sightseeing, although some of the tour locations are uncertain and a number of photos from this portion of the trip seem to be missing. The locations in the Tokyo Imperial Palace are fairly easy to identify, but the pagoda is especially vexing since it appears to be Senso-Ji in Kyoto.

JTB-Hato Bus Tour
JTB-Hato Bus Tour
Mom and me
Water fountain???
Statue in shopping center?
Tea ceremony?
Imperial Hotel (1922-1967), designed by Frank Lloyd Wright
12/24/2018 12:14:12
Salvaged decorative urn from the Imperial Hotel at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC
Imperial Palace: Sakashita Gate
Imperial Palace: Sakashita Gate
Garden tour?
Emporor's residence?
Wadakura Fountain?
35.683833, 139.761002
Uchibori Dori seen by night from the Palace Hotel
Mountain seen from Imperial Palace?
Senso-Ji Pagoda (Kyoto)?
Imperial Palace: Sei Gate
Imperial Palac: Nijubashi Bridge
San'ai Building, Ginza

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