Angels Flight Funicular

Los Angeles, CA

This funicular railway was originally built as the Los Angeles Incline Railway J.W. Eddy in 1901 to carry passengers 315 feet up a 33% grade from the corner of Hill and Third Streets up to Olive Street on Bunker Hill. A historic plaque posted at the top of the hill in 1952 asserts that it was the world's shortest incorporated railway and that it had "carried more passengers per mile than any other railway in the world."

The equipment was placed in storage in 1969 during the urban renewal of Bunker Hill. It was reassembled and reopened in 1996 between Third and Fourth Streets, one half block south of its original site. At 298 feet, the line was slightly shorter than the original. A poor redesign of the drive system and inadequate maintenance resulted in a 2001 fatal accident that caused suspension of service until 2008. (

04/08/2013 15:18:52
The corner of Fourth and Hill Streets
04/08/2013 14:39:00
View from the north on Hill
04/08/2013 14:39:38
View from the east across Hill
04/08/2013 14:39:54
View from the east across Hill
04/08/2013 14:41:30
04/08/2013 14:41:40
Looking up the track
04/08/2013 14:43:06
Riding up the hill (partial video) (video)
04/08/2013 14:46:24
At the top
04/08/2013 14:47:02
Upper station
04/08/2013 14:47:30
Upper station
04/08/2013 14:47:54
Looking downhill
04/08/2013 14:48:50
1952 plaque
04/08/2013 14:49:36
Two California Plaza at the top of the hill
04/08/2013 14:49:40
Upper station
04/08/2013 15:30:32
Urban renewal to the north
04/08/2013 15:32:16
Urban renewal to the north at the original location

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