Basic Print Layout in ArcGIS Pro

While web and mobile maps have become the dominant medium for communicating geospatial information, there are still situations you may encounter where printed or print-like maps are needed:

There are a number of common conventions that cartographers have developed over the centuries for the layout of maps on the printed page that enhance communication and aesthetics.

This tutorial covers some basics of printable map layout in ArcGIS Pro that is useful in a variety of situations, and can also serve as a starting point for developing more complex graphic designs.

Example Data: World Bank Health Indicators

The examples in this tutorial use data from the World Bank, which is a group of international agencies that provide funding and knowledge to promote economic development in developing countries. It was one of the institutions founded as part of an international agreement made during a 1944 conference in Bretton Woods, NH that was convened to plan for reconstruction after World War II and promote international cooperation that would help avoid World War III.

The World Bank collects a vast array of country-level data, and makes it available to the general public on their data portal as part of their mission to be a source of knowledge that promotes economic development. Many of these variables are associated with public health, which is firmly intertwined with economic development.

This data is available as the Minn 2019 World Bank Health Indicators feature service in ArcGIS Online. The metadata describing the variables in that layer is available here.

The World Bank

Starting ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro is the industry standard desktop software for enterprise GIS (GIS done in businesses and government organizations).

ArcGIS Pro only runs on Windows machines. Installation and licensing of that software is complex and usually handled by an organization's information technology (IT) department.

The following video demonstrates how to start and log in to ArcGIS Pro with an enterprise login - in this example the univofillinois organization at U of I.

Starting ArcGIS Pro With an Enterprise Login

Create the Map

This example will be based around a simple choropleth map. A choropleth is a thematic map where areas are colored according to some characteristic of those areas.