ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Collector

ArcGIS Online is an online, collaborative web GIS that allows you to:

Advantages of ArcGIS Online over other mapping services include:

Disadvantages of ArcGIS Online (which are typical of proprietary platforms in general) include:

There are two types of ArcGIS Online accounts:


One useful tool available on organizational accounts (but not public accounts) is the ArcGIS Collector App, which is an Android, iPhone or Windoze moble app that allows collection of field data in ArcGIS Online using an ordinary smartphone.

While ArcGIS Online provides capabilities for complex mobile and web app interaction, simple data collection forms can be set up and used with a handful of simple steps:

The video tutorial below demonstrates how to set up a simple web map on ArcGIS Online and use the ArcGIS Collector to add data to that map.