Berg Lake Dam

Camden, AR (Quachita County)


Berg Lake is an otherwise unremarkable body of water just to the west of Camden, AR that is on the opposite side of Route 278 from the Camden Country Club. It empties into Wadleigh Creek. Oddly, the lake is included on maps from topozone but not on Google maps. I happened to pass this unusual structure in 2007 on my way to Hope, AR (birthplace of Bill Clinton). I'm not sure what all the pipes do.

Berg Lake Dam
11/25/2007 16:30:17
Berg Lake Dam
11/25/2007 16:29:07
Berg Lake Dam
11/25/2007 16:29:32
Berg Lake Dam
11/25/2007 16:29:53
Berg Lake Dam
11/25/2007 16:31:02
Berg Lake Dam - (video)
11/25/2007 16:31:28
Berg Lake Dam - Wadleigh Creek
11/25/2007 16:31:51
Wadleigh Creek
Berg Lake Dam - Route 287
11/25/2007 16:32:22
Route 287

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