The Texas Eagle: St. Louis, MO (STL)

With the decline of passenger rail service in the 1950s and 1960s, traffic at St. Louis' Union Station had reached a low point of three trains per day when Amtrak was formed in 1971. With the building too expensive for the railroad to maintain, service was moved to an Amshack along the tracks to the south and Union Station was closed in 1978. The Romanesque building and the train shed were subsequently renovated and repurposed, reopening in August of 1985 with a Hyatt Regency Hotel, offices, shops restaurants and a plaza for special events. In 2008, the Amshack was replaced by a larger and more-functional intermodal facility, the Gateway Transportation Center.

12/28/2010 08:15:28
Entering St. Louis
12/28/2010 08:28:56
St. Louis
05/17/2011 18:56:24
Gateway Transportation Center
12/28/2010 08:45:24
12/28/2010 08:47:56
Crew building
12/28/2010 08:50:50
Gateway Transportation Center
12/28/2010 09:08:06
12/28/2010 09:31:52
Tanker car
12/28/2010 09:55:00
Busch Stadium and the Arch
12/28/2010 08:39:02
St. Louis Gateway Terminal platform (video) (video)
05/21/2004 14:05:03
The Arch
05/17/2011 19:48:20
The Arch
05/21/2004 14:07:53
Old St. Louis Amshack
05/17/2011 20:18:12
05/17/2011 20:36:26
Texas Eagle southbound
05/17/2011 20:36:58
Texas Eagle southbound

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