The Texas Eagle: Joliet, IL (JOL)

The area around Joliet contains large deposits of limestone (dolomite) that have been mined since the early 19th century. On the way into Joliet, the route passes a large quarry. (Heubner 2001)

Two notable features visible in Joliet from the train are the fortress-like Joliet Central High School, and the somewhat more festive Silver Cross Field, home to the Joliet JackHammers, a minor league baseball team unaffiliated with MLB.

Joliet is also notorious as the home of the Joliet Correctional Center, which opened in 1858 and closed in 2002.

12/28/2010 14:41:40
Quarry south of Joliet (video)
12/28/2010 14:53:36
Joliet Central High
12/28/2010 14:55:40
Joliet Central High
12/28/2010 14:54:12
Silver Cross Field
12/28/2010 14:58:16
Silver Cross Field
12/28/2010 15:01:16
Joliet Correctional Center (video)