The Texas Eagle: Dallas, TX (DAL)

The initial part of the route through Texas is pleasant and features a number of attractive depots, but is not otherwise terribly inspiring. Much of the view of the farm fields is obscured by trees along the right-of-way. The view through Arkansas and southern Missouri is hampered by darkness in both directions.

12/27/2010 17:11:34
Northbound Texas Eagle arriving in Dallas (video)
12/27/2010 17:21:32
Leaving Dallas Union Station
12/27/2010 17:40:52
South Side lofts
12/27/2010 18:54:46
Lounge car
12/27/2010 19:10:04
Mineola depot
12/27/2010 19:10:50
Commerce St., Mineola
12/27/2010 19:11:00
There is Chinese food everywhere