Worcester Union Station

Worcester, MA

Opened: 1911

Architects: Frank R. Watson and Samuel Huckel, Jr.



Worcester Union Station is a French Renaissance styled station built by the New York Central Railroad on the Boston and Albany Railroad main line. The station also provided service for the Providence and Worcester Railroad; Norwich and Worcester Railroad; Worcester, Nashua and Rochester Railroad; and the Boston, Barre and Gardner Railroad. The station stayed in continuous operation until the debut of Amtrak, which abandoned the station for a small brick Amshack to the east. In 1992 the non-profit Union Station Alliance began raising funds for restoration. The Worcester Redevelopment Authority acquired the property in 1994, with a subsequent $32.2MM restoration of the building to it's original condition with a reopening in 2000. The station is a hub for Amtrak and MBTA commuter train service as well as intra- and inter-city bus service. I got one photo of the station when picking up a replacement cast member on tour in 2002.

Worcester Union Station - Worcester Union Station
04/08/2002 20:03:39
Worcester Union Station

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