The Crescent

After the Civil War, the Richmond and Danville Railroad established a connection between the Northeastern US through Richmond and Atlanta, eventually reaching New Orleans. The Richmond and Danville inaugurated the Washington & Southwestern Vestibuled Limited, which became the Washington & Southwestern Limited (southbound) and the New York Limited when the R&D became part of the Southern Railroad in 1894. The train was re-equipped to all-Pullman service in 1925 and renamed the Crescent Limited,. The line became the Southern Crescent in 1970 and was one of the last two privately-operated intercity passenger lines, surviving until it was turned over to Amtrak in 1979 and re-christened The Crescent.

I used to live in New York and took The Crescent to visit my parents in Louisiana, stopping either in Meridian, MS or New Orleans, LA. These photos are in approximate route order southbound, then returning northbound over the period 2001 - 2010.

Infants have their infancy. Adults, adultery (David P. Parash)